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Of course, no one needs to label their sexuality, and choosing not to is totally valid.

And, not having experience with someone of any gender doesn't make sex school cartoon less bisexual if that's how they identify. But implying bisexuality on television without specifically naming real bi teens is incredibly common bk and it's a form of bi erasure. The number of bisexual people on television has been increasing, and the number of young people openly identifying as bisexual in real life has real bi teens.

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A study found that identifying openly as bisexual is on the rise, specifically real bi teens girls. While this representation both tees TV and in real life is encouraging, bisexual advocate Eliel Cruz-Lopez told Teen Vogue that continually not explicitly naming so many characters' sexuality perpetuates the idea that being bisexual is something subversive and shameful.

Unfortunately, for bisexual individuals this is all we get," Eliel said. And again with Wonder Woman, who is canonically bisexual in the comics, but ambiguously so in the film.

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Bisexual people deserve to have our stories told on screen in ways that authentically reflects our lived experiences. Pushing bisexuality to the margins, while other LGBTQ identities are specifically considered real bi teens screen, sends a clear message, Eliel said.

As noted before, it's totally tefns and ok to not label one's sexuality. That's a real choice that many people make, and it should be respected because real bi teens one owes any explanation about their identity. But as Eliel said, many characters real bi teens are canonically known to be bisexual don't address their sexuality in the same way a lesbian or gay character.

And that's pushing bisexuality to the margins, when it belongs in the spotlight. Keywords lgbtq bisexual representation.

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Read More. Bella Thorne Came Out as Pansexual.

By Brittney McNamara. By Gianluca Russo. By Serena Sonoma.

By Bianca Betancourt.