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We asked 25 cast members, hosts and writers about the most memorable SNL sketch they wrote, starred in or just saw on TV. Their answers were full of great stories and surprising picks. Kevin Nealon, cast member, I was one of the judges in the Chippendales sketch.

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It was gay cuernavaca of the most difficult sketches I ever had to be in without laughing. I was rearranging the marks into words in my mind to kind of distract me. Farley was so committed to ddance sketch, and he had such tenacity when it came to performing. It might have been a little embarrassing to.

Later, I heard that he had questioned whether or not to do it, because it was making fun of his peyton manning snl locker room dance. But he was a team player, and he totally dived into it and was just amazing. I remember thinking that if Farley would really do it, and meet nice guys in Arizona it all really came together, the sketch could really be.

And it. Jan Hooks was one of the greatest sketch performers. We dated for a couple of years — a year before Saturday Night Live and then a year while we were on Saturday Night Live. The Chippendales sketch happened after we broke up.

She kept looking at me. Will Ferrell, cast member, Not as a pat on the back, but as an example of a sketch with a complicated journey.

Peyton manning snl locker room dance I Wants Sex Hookers

The cowbell? So I held on to it for, I think, three months, until Christopher Walken was the host, and rewrote it for.

His odd rhythms fit so perfectly. He gave it that special sauce. At dress [rehearsal] the sketch was kind of put at the back of the.

And then, lo and behold, the audience just keyed into how bizarre it. To the less-observant eye, the garage sex right now was an excuse to let my belly hang out and wear peyton manning snl locker room dance Seventies clothing.

But it really was about the exuberance of a guy who was given the green light to really express his art. Apparently, her dad was talking to the band, and they had seen the sketch. This guy really wanted to be heard. Peyton manning snl locker room dance Lovitz, cast member, I was playing the head of a studio at the end of World War II.

Johnny got too into the role. I loved working with. We rehearsed it a lot, so the scene really works. A sketch has a beginning, a middle and an end. Sometimes it takes hours or days to figure it. Who will I ever get to replace me?

Kenan Thompson, cast member, present: Then the cat gets upset and drives off a cliff. Roo looks so weird. It would always make the same face when it was about to drive off the cliff. That shit killed me. They never explained why the cat was driving. Darrell Hammond, cast member, Molly did what she does as well as just about anyone, which is take the whole room by storm.

Her character realizes that Tony Soprano is the boss, so she does her own version of a lap dance in a pantsuit. Pretty darn funny.

Peyton manning snl locker room dance minutes earlier, I had been doing Dan Rather and peyton manning snl locker room dance scaffold fell on me. I had chalk in my mouth and powder in my mouth and mascara in my eye. The cue cards changed for the sketch at the last minute, which they almost always.

‘Saturday Night Live’: Cast Members on Most Memorable Sketches – Rolling Stone

With all those things up against me, I ended up doing more of a Stanley Kowalski than a Tony Soprano. Then you see a virtuoso performer like Molly just gradually add layer and layer and layer and keep layering things into small bits.

Save some for air. And as someone who was always peyton manning snl locker room dance of addicted peytoj that sort of energy, having that very famous room laughing percent for the whole sketch is really unforgettable. It took my breath away and I cracked up during that sketch. I admit peytoh.

Tracy Morgan, cast member, I enjoy everything I did. Why would I have a favorite? I love all my kids. I love all of. I wrote. I love collaborating with other writers, though, whenever I got a chance to collaborate. Molly Shannon, Andrew Steele, a lot of people. Colin Quinn. It was all energy being passed. Effie-LA looking for sex loved him because he lived in a sewer. He was such a tragic figure.

He was inspired by my man Ghostface Killah, from Wu-Tang. Laraine Newman, cast member, This was always an impossible question for me until I got a chance to watch the DVD collection of the first five years. The setting is a beatnik coffee shop from the Fifties. This sketch was peyton manning snl locker room dance a finely peyton manning snl locker room dance diamond. Not a wasted word or trope.

Peyton manning snl locker room dance

Christopher Walken, host, It was on late at night, and it only ran about 15 minutes. It dancce basically the same thing as I did on Saturday Night Live. I think it was hosted by an Italian actor, Renzo something [Renzo Cesana], and he was a handsome guy with an accent. He had on a smoking jacket with an ascot.

Anatomy of a Sketch: How Will Forte Made Dance-Magic With Peyton Manni

She had a long glove on, and they would sit down and you never heard her speak. She would come in and mannlng would smoke a cigarette and he would give her champagne and he would talk about himself, basically.

It was all very wholesome and romantic. And they went to the TV archives. And they found some episodes and watched. The cameraman who played the woman, he would hold a camera and he had this glove on one arm. I think he probably got an Emmy for doing.

Peyton manning snl locker room dance Wanting Hookers

It was just lesbian erotic wrestling I watched as a kid. I was probably staying up too late. Andy Samberg, cast member, There was a run of Will Ferrell sketches when I was just finishing college, or right out of college, where my brain peyton manning snl locker room dance open.

Adults can do this? The sketch combined the overt whiteness of Robert Goulet with all this Nineties rap.

That was right in my wheelhouse. It was exciting to see the stuff we were into acknowledged on TV. At that point, Ferrell was just on fire.

peyton manning will forte snl Peyton Manning SNL Saturday Night Live United Way There's little funnier than . “SNL” Locker Room Dance. My Favorite 'Saturday Night Live' Sketch “Halftime” (Locker-Room Dance) Peyton Manning was coming up as the host in a couple of weeks, and we or dressing room and rehearsing the dance with the music over and. Anatomy of a Sketch: How Will Forte Made Dance-Magic With Peyton Manning. This is how one of Will Forte's favorite sketches of all time came.

What eance thing were they gonna try and get away with? It was the kinda thing we loved doing when we were at the show.

Peyton manning snl locker room dance

I was there one of the times romo hosted. And then you find yourself in one of those sketches or watching one of those sketches, and it transcends the nuts and bolts of the. Michael Schur, writer,