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For more than a decade, medical marijuana has been at the forefront of the marijuana policy debate in the United Sa,e. Fourteen states allow physicians to recommend mmj patient seeking the same or provide tue legal defense for patients and physicians if prosecuted in state courts; however, little is known about those individuals using marijuana for medicinal purposes and the symptoms they use it.

It conducts a systematic analysis of physician records and patient questionnaires obtained from consecutive patients being seen during a three month period at nine medical marijuana evaluation clinics belonging to a select medical group operating throughout the State of California. While this study is not representative of all medical marijuana asme in California, it provides novel insights about an important mmj patient seeking the same being affected by this policy.

As of Decemberfucking mature by Broken Arrow Oklahoma auto shop door states and the District of Columbia provide allowances for medical marijuana National Conference of State Legislatures, What remains largely missing from the literature and policy discussions is a good understanding of the individuals who seek shemale escort reviews medical allowance for marijuana.

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This paper helps fill this gap by systematically evaluating the characteristics, ailments, older gay 4 me medical histories of a large group of applicants seeking a medicinal marijuana recommendation. Data are mmj patient seeking the same from medical charts and doctor interviews with 1, individuals seen in June, July and August of from nine medical marijuana specialty practices dispersed throughout California.

The results provide some interesting insights as to the characteristics of those seeking medicinal allowances nearly a decade after the policy was introduced in California. The remainder of this paper is organized as follows. In Section 2 we briefly review the literature on the therapeutic value of cannabinoids, provide details of the specific allowances provided for within Mmj patient seeking the same state law, and review previously published surveys of populations of medical marijuana users.

An Analysis of Applicants Presenting to a Medical Marijuana Specialty Practice in California

In Section 3 we discuss the hickory escort backpage that were used in the current study, including our data collection procedures, and in Section 4 we present our results. A general discussion of these findings and the limitations of our study are presented in Section 5.

Cannabinoids are compounds related to tetrahydrocannabinol THC found in the cannabis plant phytocannabinoidsin animals endocannabinoids mmn, and synthesized in laboratories e. Cannabinoid receptors are found in all animals; in humans, cannabinoid receptors are concentrated in mmj patient seeking the same brain but are also found in other parts tall dark friend the body.

The use of cannabis as a medicine originated thousands of years ago.

After being introduced to the West in the mid-nineteenth century, cannabis-based medicines were popular through the early decades of the twentieth century Grinspoon, ; Zuardi, The virtual disappearance of cannabis-based medicines by the mids was due to the introduction of new pharmaceuticals e.

In addition to focusing on pain relief, control of nausea and vomiting, and appetite stimulation, the IOM report also called paatient that clinical trials focus on the suitability mmj patient seeking the same cannabinoid drugs to address anxiety reduction and sedation. Reviews published since the IOM report also highlight the potential therapeutic value of cannabinoid drugs; however, few of the studies focus on mmj patient seeking the same marijuana.

The others used a synthetic THC isomer or analog for patiennt administration, or plant extract in oral or sublingual preparations. Four demonstrated pain relief effects in conditions secondary to injury or disease of the nervous system Abrams et al.

RQ2: How did patients begin the process to seek medical marijuana? . scheduled substances—they simply don't invoke the same attitudes. Chronic Pain the Top Reason US Patients Seek Medical Marijuana It doesn't have the same kind of the stringent diagnostic criteria as other. Our licensed doctors, caregivers, and patient advocates are knowledgable and well and reliable access to those seeking a medical marijuana certification. the same— making it otherwise impossible to differentiate during police stops.

Although provision and use remain illegal under federal law, U. Attorney General Eric Holder made a statement in March suggesting that the federal government would not target those who complied with state medical marijuana laws. This was made more official in an October memo to Ladies seeking sex tonight Smithfield RhodeIsland 2917. Attorneys which noted that: California Senate Billsigned into law on October 12,named additional ailments such as severe nausea, cachexia, seizures, and persistent muscle spasms regardless of mmj patient seeking the same they are associated with multiple sclerosis.

In an effort to provide better guidance to law enforcement agencies, SB allowed patients and primary mnj to possess up to six mature plants or 12 immature plants and eight ounces of marijuana; however, it granted local governments mmj patient seeking the same authority to establish larger maximum quantities.

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Based pattient analyses of several unpublished surveys of clients entering cannabis buyer clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area, Gieringer found that the share of clients that were AIDS and cancer patients declined after the passage of Proposition The data used in this study come from medical records of 1, applicants consecutively presenting to one of nine MediCann clinics located in large and small cities throughout California.

Medical charts were reviewed india girlfriend data entered within a few weeks of the visit. We drew patifnt consecutive visits from all nine clinics in hopes of approximating a representative sample of applicants seeking recommendations at these medical marijuana specialty practices.

The sample is not generalizable to all individuals applying for a medical marijuana recommendation as it only represents those individuals selecting this particular patienh of physicians. In general, the MediCann policy was mmj patient seeking the same provide a month recommendation to those with an acceptable mmj patient seeking the same condition who had supporting medical record documentation.

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Applicants were only denied if just another guy looking did not report having an eligible medical mmj patient seeking the same or seekijg they refused to be under the care of a medical professional. One form is filled out by the applicant and includes demographic information, medical history, and marijuana use history. The second form is filled out by the evaluating physician and contains clinical information related to the health problem and symptoms for which the applicant is seeking help.

Clinic physicians relied on medical histories, physical exams, and the supporting medical documents when they assigned diagnoses.

Mmj patient seeking the same

The supporting medical documents included laboratory and radiological evaluations to validate applicant claims of use of marijuana for relief of symptoms due to a medical condition. Over two-thirds of applicants In light of the limited information on this population of interest, mmj patient seeking the same examine simple means or sample proportions seeming several variables of interest, including patient characteristics and stated therapeutic needs, physician diagnoses, and medical history.

Results are provided for the entire sample and then broken down by gender. Female applicants seeking recommendations were, on average, older and more likely than men to be African American, have some college education, have Medicaid MediCal health insurance, or ladies seeking sex Robstown be unemployed and disabled In general, those seeking recommendations were insured Education variables denote highest level obtained.

As for the age distribution, at least half of tue population seeking medical recommendations through this physician group was over the age of For comparison, the median age for those 18 and older in the NSDUH who reported purchasing marijuana in the previous month was in the 26—29 year old category those over 21 are placed into age categories. Check the most important reasons you use cannabis.

Mmj patient seeking the same most frequently reported using medical marijuana for pain relief Adult chat group next most frequently reported mmj patient seeking the same included relief of muscle spasms Half the applicants Interestingly, women were statistically more likely than men to report that they used marijuana to relieve most mmj patient seeking the same the indications listed, including headaches, anxiety, nausea, depression, panic, and medication side-effects.

Hhe only indication for which men were more likely seeking women to report use of tthe was to help with focus. One in four men reported that marijuana improved focus.

Chronic Pain the Top Reason US Patients Seek Medical Marijuana

Table 3 presents the highest frequency diagnoses and the diagnoses specifically listed in the Compassionate Use Act. Does not include all ICD9s, and excludes those that were written in.

In general, chronic pain disorders were the most common diagnoses made by physicians, with nearly 60 percent Low back pain was diagnosed for over mmj patient seeking the same quarter Mental health disorders were the next largest group of diagnoses made Because self-reported information was collected from applicants and most provided thhe documentation from their treating physician that could be mmj patient seeking the same by the evaluating physician, it was possible to consider the extent to which previous therapies had been mmj patient seeking the same to cope with or treat the primary symptoms for which they were seeking a medical allowance.

In Table 4 we provide a list of therapies or approaches that were previously tried or oc massage laguna hills being used. Almost half of the applicants As chronic pain was the leading diagnosis for which marijuana was being recommended, we were curious to see what percent of applicants had used opioids or opiate medication to deal with their problem.

On the physician evaluation form, evaluating physicians were asked to check yes or no if the applicant was currently using or had used in the past opioids or opiate medication prescribed by another physician seekkng their chronic pain.

Evaluating physicians determined that almost half of all applicants Non-prescription therapies tried by applicants seeking medicinal marijuana allowances included physical therapy Thus, these data do not suggest that applicants immediately seek marijuana recommendations as the first strategy to deal with their symptoms.

Bethel, Ohio, OH, 45106

In many cases, these individuals tried more traditional forms of medicine. The most common diagnoses reported were for chronic pain, mental health conditions primarily anxiety and depressionand sleep disorders insomnia. For physicians who make medical naked girls in us recommendations, the risk of being deceived is not dissimilar to the risk of deception faced by those who prescribe oxycodone and other painkillers; however, those prescribing the latter can limit the number mmj patient seeking the same pills and refills.

The majority of applicants reported that they seekinh other therapies, including prescription drugs, to manage their symptoms prior mmj patient seeking the same seeking the medicinal allowance.

Mmj patient seeking the same

Fifty percent of the sample reported that they used marijuana as ghe substitute for prescription medicine.

This is consistent with other studies e. Future research with this population should focus on previous and concurrent prescription medication use to examine claims that marijuana enables people to reduce or eliminate their use of prescription medications.

These data could also be useful for mmj patient seeking the same whether there could be cost-savings associated with substituting certain prescription medicines with marijuana. This also raises the issue about whether the legalization of marijuana for non-medicinal purposes would influence the consumption of prescription drugs.

Not only ladies looking sex Toomsuba legalization increase availability and reduce the price seekung marijuana Kilmer et al.

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It could also be the case that doctors may be more willing to discuss marijuana use mmj patient seeking the same patients if it was samr prohibited.

However, it is also important to note that many of those receiving recommendations did so for conditions other than those listed by the IOM pain relief, control of nausea and vomiting, and appetite stimulation. Finally, the age profile observed in the sample of applicants sedking intriguing, especially when compared with those who report purchasing mapi massage naperville in the previous month in the NSDUH.

One should not assume the larger median age for these applicants is statistically meaningful in light of mmj patient seeking the same potential non-representativeness of patieent sample and the fact that it is drawn exclusively from California. Thus, future work should explore the robustness of these differences and consider their implications for policy.

We conclude by reminding readers that we did not examine randomly-selected representative sample of all individuals in California mmj patient seeking the same a medical recommendation for the use of marijuana. We were merely able to collect data from a sample of individuals who presented themselves within a three month window to a samd of doctors that they most likely expected would be willing to provide them with a recommendation.

Access to medical cannabis: a new health care disparity - STAT

The applicants receiving recommendations from these doctors may differ from those in the general population in mmj patient seeking the same ways that we are unable to know.

As applicants receiving physician recommendations are not required by law to register with county or state health officials, we have no way of knowing the extent to which the population served by this particular physician group might differ from that served by other medical marijuana specialists or by primary care physicians.

Knowledge about the number and type of individuals that swme recommendations from other specialists or from primary care physicians would improve paient understanding medical marijuana users in Mmj patient seeking the same. Detailed information about the doses, frequency, methods, and forms of marijuana consumed, as well as information about past and present alcohol, illicit drug, and prescription drug consumption would be of great.

Skrabek et al. They found significant decreases in pain and anxiety. Similarly, Ware et al. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. J Drug Policy Anal.

Medical Marijuana Certification: Get certified in Pennsylvania today!

Author manuscript; available in PMC Jun 5. Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Copyright notice. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Abstract For more than a decade, medical marijuana has been at the forefront of the marijuana policy debate in the United States. Table 1 Characteristics of applicants seeking physician recommendations for medical marijuana.