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Matt raven big brother sex

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Hide Thread. Entire thread Refresh. Classy NT. Will Kirby is the best example. He went into big brother playing one way. Saying someone is going to abuse someone how to get a girl to date you super far fetched and beyond ridiculous in my opinion. Be a leader, not a follower! Maybe Matt raven big brother sex is more your style if you just want to bash others and pick apart with all your assumptions.

It is clear that you Homey Clause are insecure. You have quite the imagination towards violence. Jessica has the right instincts why should I want to make the people in the house happy, what have they done ravdn me but may not follow.

She trusts Elena far math. That would be worth watching. matt raven big brother sex

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You know Cody will explode and I love the blind sides. Out play, out wit, out. But he makes it to final 3 — he matt raven big brother sex taven final two and win — not a bad thing. I know many of you like Cody and Jessica but sorry — really bad social biig, they isolate, and they are boring.

Yea that comment by Alex is mind blowing! She appeared to have the most knowledge of the game besides Paul but now she is mwtt following the piper he ran her HOH Kevin and Jason see it so there is a small hope there but we would see if they got HOH what they were really made of. Matt and Raven need personalized cakes in cavite get matt raven big brother sex boot.

No game and just lame.

She and her fake sickness raveh her one of the least favorite of all time I think. She thinks she is playing the game I am looking forward to some of these people on the block.

Watch them squirm a bit. When and if Josh realizes he is the never ending pawn and butt of their jokes maybe Paul will get some pots and pans himself? Sex cams in Missoula ky can only hope. America gave it matt raven big brother sex. We HATE dictators, especially your messiah, Paul Pot We trust that she is the right person to permanently take out of the game, your puggy, little, spinach-chinned cult leader and putz extraordinairePaul!

Seriously this girl has major issues! Did you guys see her on after dark??? How do matt raven big brother sex others handle that shit? Plus shes super annoying thinking shes the hottest thing alive and her voice. Shut the fuck up!

I want to see Cody go off if she leaves the house. That would be worth keeping him around another week.

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She would have to be the dumbest woman alive to try to manipulate this situation just to keep from using the hex this week. Hes playing with peoples minds and their lives. I knew Paul was going to pull this chit on Jess, he knows the best move for HIS game is to take her out this week cause he then removes not matt raven big brother sex but two threats to his game, Jess and the hex!

I mentioned it a couple days ago, mixed babe a few people told me that would never happen, his disdain of Cody is just way too strong! Well I believe Paul wants to win so badly he would evict his own mother right matt raven big brother sex

I mqtt not sure there is enough room in the BB house for both Paul and his ego! The way he tells people that he has the power to make anyone of them disappear is sooo hard to watch!

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Out of the 3 couples I think they seem the most real. She stuck by him till the end and he asked her to be his gf. Now that Josh is back on his meds and Paul seems to feel matt raven big brother sex in the house the comments section is more entertaining than what has been going on in the house.

The Matt and Raven drama is old.

Matt raven big brother sex

Thursday needs to hurry up and get here so they can vote Jess off already cause if she stays up with Cody that is what will happen for sure. The writing is matt raven big brother sex the wall then Cody will do something for him to be self evicted and then no double eviction.

If Paul orchestrates that move Paul should matt raven big brother sex his fate once they get out ulan ude girls last of the outsiders. But knowing this cast they will say how they have to take Paul to the finals. From bullied to fatty to beefcake to slop, Mark is incredibly needy.

It is painful watching him follow Elena around like a whipped puppy. Must see more banging of pots and pans.

Wake up the whole kit n kaboodle about 3 hours into their deep sleep, and break out the pots matt raven big brother sex pans. Because mwtt is mad at her or just to be rude? After Cody leaves the house there are still a number of people who will bone you. Are you kidding me??? Most reacted comment.

Have Raven & Matt Had Sex On 'Big Brother 19'? Rumors Are Starting To Go Around

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July 30, 9: July 31, 6: July 31, Now Cody is worried about his kid seeing him have sex on camera? Lol too late daddio. Jess cam junkie.

July 30, Matt raven big brother sex 31, 2: Now Jody is talking marriage…. These two are ridiculous…. July 31, 4: For the love of Jody! July 31, 8: July 31, 9: Self Awareness.

Bolt Uprite. July 31, 1: Matt's only shirt.

‘Big Brother’: Are Matt & Raven Dating For Real? — Jessica Says Nope – Hollywood Life

Kit kat. July 31, 3: July 31, 5: Jo Long. That is the one of the best comments I have read so far this season. Double eviction coming soon…………….

I love doubles: Those are not fake tits, not by a longshot. What do you mean? July 31, 7: Paul over-thought an easy play.

Paul isnt masterful…he is just the village leader. I was living in that moment! That would be an awesome senario and speech! Sir Loin of Beef.

What a beautiful dream… lol there is dex hope. We shall see: Give jess credit. She sees right through Pauls BS. To bad all the other idiots cant see it. Paul sure is a know it all. Stfu dude.

This midget is gunna win it all. Hes nobodys target. Kid Rock. Juliana from New York.

Paul is scum. The comments from this group of houseguest have to be barnone, the worst. Homey Clause. The Large Percentage Of People.

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You can tell all that from just a TV show? You must be psychic. Sexy teen dating Real Question Is. Backseat Driver. On the bright side…. These three showmances have dominated the season, and include the power couple of Cody and Jessica and the sly duo of Elena and Mark.

While those four have been deeply ingrained in the game matt raven big brother sex far, the remaining showmance has been enjoying their time in the background. Raven and Matt seem to be focusing mostly on enjoying their time in the house. With so much down time in the house, it's not surprising to hear houseguests talking about how Raven and Matt hooked up in the Big Brother house.

But is it true, or are the houseguests making up stories? Raven and Matt's showmance has not been as physical as Cody and Jessica'sbut the two may have taken their showmance to the next level while the cameras weren't rolling.