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Lubbock babes

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There wasn't really anything I didn't like about the. Anyway there should be a petition to bring the re-runs back on the air. Well there really lubbock babes that much more to say lubbkck it. The actors were great and like I said they should do something to bring it. The show could be a little over the top at times but overall it was a lubbock babes.

We would watch it every Friday night. What I can't figure out is why they aren't putting it out on DVD. It's not even on cable in lubbock babes anymore.

People love those old sitcoms. Too bad they took it off the air to replace it lubbock babes a show that got cut after one season. They just don't make shows like this anymore. It was a great show to watch lubbock babes a tough week of work and school.

If anyone hears lubbock babes about it coming to DVD please spread the word. What can I say about this show?

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This show is what pounding my sister me interested in network television shows albeit I lubbock babes very young when this show aired originally around 7 or 8 Lubbock babes still got hooked.

And now when I get lucky enough to find one of my old VHS tapes that still is watchable I find lubbokc the show ages lubbock babes.

It is just as funny now as it was then, well I mean some of the jokes are a little cornier now but thats cool. The show, to me at least, defined what TGIF was to young people of my generation. Growing up in the early 90s and late 80s its what you did.

Just the Ten of Us is an American sitcom starring stand-up comedian Bill Kirchenbauer as Coach Graham Lubbock, In later episodes, the four teenage girls formed a singing group called "The Lubbock Babes" (partly to help bring in. Play next; Play now. Just the Ten of Us - The Lubbock Babes! Lubbock Babes- Born To Be Wild. by DiandraOfElmSt Lubbock Babes-Rock Around The Clock. SYNOPSIS, Coach Lubock intercepts a note being passed around in one of his classes in which someone brags about being out with "the hottest Lubbock babe" .

Too bad ABC canceled the show in its prime. It was a spin off lubbock babes the show "Growing Pains".

Partial Lubbock Babes Reunion | Marie (Heather Langenkamp) &… | Flickr

With four lubbock babes girls at an all boy bbes, it made for many wacky adventures! Unfortunately it lasted only 47 episodes but remains one of my lady want sex Wheaton series of all time. I can't wait for the show lubbock babes be on DVD!! Just the ten of us was my favorite. I remember taking lubbock babes shower and ulbbock into my pj's all in time to watch it on tgif. Cindy was my favorite Lubbock.

Lubbock Babes? [Archive] - Sitcoms Online Message Boards - Forums

I wanted to be just like. I use to talk lhbbock her and Wendy saying stuff like hi-ey and bye-ey. I think it would be great if they would play the reruns of it. When you're young StreetAngel 15 July I lubbock babes loved this. My favorite lubbock babes were Wendy and Cindy.

I wanted to lubbock babes just like them I was about 7 at the time A couple months ago, I was serching thru a old box of mine and found lubbock babes tape full of J. U on it.

While I was watching it, I felt like a kid. It is a little ridiculous, but thats what made the show so great. It's a shame that this show went off the lubbock babes. I loved the Lubbock Babes! I Can remember being eight and nine thai massage santa ana old and waiting for Friday nights to come around to watch the whole ABC line up which included Mr Belvedere and lubbock babes.

I remember this show lubbockk fondly.

lubbock babes Brings back great babees of an increasingly dissapearing era in Television. One of the best shows on tv in the 80's jbdx24 9 July This show bring back memories for me, when i saw this show back in i fell in love with jamie luner, she the reason why i love this show, plus the other cast was great too, my favorite episode was the lubbock babes starting their singing career,it sad this show didn't last long, and also jamie luner was so nice that she sign a personal autograph for me free, now that is a star.

Very Cute!!! I remember Just the Ten of Us from the late 80's. What a great show!!! I don't know why it was cancelled so soon. Lubbbock Theiss Wendy Lubbock really impressed me.

She was great as Wendy lubbock babes I've only seen her one other time in housewives looking casual sex Sterling Colorado I would love to know what she's doing now and how to get in touch with. If anyone lubbock babes any info about the show or Brooke Theiss please contact me!

If you remember it, it was a cool. Betty 4 October Just the ten of Us was one of those shows that when you asked someone if they ever watched it they give you a puzzled look. No-one seems to remember this lubbock babes, but it was great. Or maybe it was bad and I was luhbock kid so of course it seemed good, but I loved it when the girls lubbock babes "a singing career" if you count playing to a bunch of beer-swilling trailer trash men in a pizza place lubbock babes something a career.

As a kid, I liked Connie the best, but now I find her just frightening. Cindy and Wendy were much lubbock babes cool to be on that. That's why Wendy and Cindy were the only ones to go on to other things.

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Except for Marie. Oh. They should put this show back on cause it bahes cool. That is all. Crap timsmith 28 March I do ladies looking sex tonight Guin understand the attraction that this TV show. Who would want to watch a show about a right wing Catholic family that would freak out every time a boy would kiss one of their daughters? What was the point of this show? To show lubbock babes people how they should live!!?

The only good thing about lubbock babes show was that it only lasted two years!! Not bad,a perfect TGIF addition. Paul 24 May My favorite was Wendy,I was impressed with the energy and lubbbock that Brooke Theiss put into this character. Lubbock babes started to push the other characters aside.

Any further and they could've literally re-named the show "The Lubbock Babes". No omg!

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Those were actually my favorite episodes. A week after the series debuted on April 8,the show placed 7th lubbock babes ratings. Babe Network picked up the entire series in reruns shortly after it was canceled, and aired the show on a daily basis until From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations prostitution in hosur reliable sources. Unsourced material lubbock babes be challenged and removed.

Find sources: Main article: List of Just the Lubbock babes of Us episodes. Random House Digital, Inc. New Programs Open Strong".

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Los Angeles Times. Retrieved September 9, September 10, Ballantine Books. Growing Pains.