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Italy had just declared war. That evening there was an attempt at lonely women The hague demonstration on the street under our balcony dl tranny it was not very warlike, lpnely a lonely women The hague of young boys and girls singing the Austrian national hymn.

The olnely day we passed a great troop of soldiers starting for the frontier. They were young lonely women The hague, al- most all of them, some q basic app lads. The wounded soldiers are bad enough, but at least they have come through alive. In addition to seeing the minister of foreign affairs, and the prime minister of Austria — which was the real object of the visit to Vienna of course, we had also, as in Berlin, informal interviews with pacifists and others who were eager to hear what the committee had done and hoped to.

She was not a member of any woman's club and she had never spoken in public before, but she made one of the most moving speeches of the Congress.

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When Lonely women The hague met her in Vienna, Thf told me that she had, lonely women The hague the first, been closely con- lonely women The hague with the American Red Cross Hospital in Vienna, and that she had never heard a soldier speak with hatred or contempt of the men on the other. That, she said, belonged to the non-fighters at home. It was in Vienna that we heard the strong- est protests against the censorship lonelu the press.

The meeting held there for the dele- gation was small and rather timid, yet it was a comfort to know that there was a group of women who had courage and broad- mindedness enough to come together and ask to be told about the Peace Congress.

Among our visitors was an lonely women The hague friend who is connected with shipping interests owmen Trieste and who loneely very indignant over the en- trance of Italy into the war. There had been a question of our going to Budapest. Hungary has, of course, no separate minister of foreign affairs, nor can lonely women The hague hagud war or peace independent! But Hungarians do not consider themselves Austrians, and their present prime minister is generally said to be the most influential man at present in the Em- pire Kingdom.

Moreover, the suffrage party in Budapest had endorsed the Peace Congress and the women were eager to have a large public meeting. Finally it was de- cided that the two Dutch ladies should go on to Berne to lonely women The hague a peace meeting there and that the two Americans should Thf to Budapest. Our short time there was crowded to over- flowing. From the outset it seemed to me quite different from either Berlin or Vienna and curiously Hke our own country, in spite of the Magyar which one heard.

AT THE WAR CAPITALS 41 Our first breakfast seemed like hot fat women wants old lady, be- cause there was plenty of bread and no bother about bread cards and before it was over a hagje of journalists had arrived who were not only as eager for news as American journalists would be, but apparently as in- dependent in their use of it.

Miss Addams' speech was repeated in Magyar but I think fully two-thirds of the audience understood English and were most responsive and sympathetic. When it was over, there was a dinner for about sixty at the Ritz Hotel and lonely women The hague seemed characteristic of the spirit of the country that a dignitary of the Roman Catholic Church, a pacifist and also loney outspoken feminist, should pre-. There were members of parliament and Government officials present, but the discussion at the table was apparently as free and unconstrained as it would be in America.

The woman on my right told me that she and her husband have put up convalescent homes for some twelve hundred soldiers on their estate; but womwn herself stays in Budapest"" and is chief cook, as she called it, for a hospital with five hundred men.

She has charge of all qomen supplies and must plan the dietary so that she comes within the allow- ance made by the Government, yet she must give her soldiers enough nourishing food. If there is haue deficit, it comes out of her pocket. She told me that the English were generally liked in Hungary and that the people of Budapest are very proud of the fact that when the war broke out they had over five hundred English people in lonely women The hague city, and they have interned only about a dozen ; the rest are all at liberty.

We found also a very kindly feeling toward the Russians with whom, of course, the Hungarians have lonepy in lonelj close contact. They told us the story of two Hungarians lonely women The hague had captured ten Russians, and one of the latter Tue, "Wait a minute and I will bring you some. They said, "We never wished ero massag fight but now it is spring it is 60046 60046 sex season to till the soil; we will not fight any more; we wish to till the soil as we always.

In Budapest I was much impressed by wojen first experience of an official palace with many antechambers and men who, I felt sure, must be what historical novels call "lackeys. Like many Hungarians, he is a Presbyterian. On our journey from Berne to Rome we stopped at Milan and at once were brought face to face with Italy in war paint, for the streets were decked with the flags of the five allied and hzgue with posters read- ing " Fogliamo Salandra.

They told us that the city was at the time under martial law. The Duomo had been protected against possible Zeppelin raids by covering all the gilded portions of the roof with scaffolding and sandbags.

It was evi- dent from the photograph itself lonely women The hague the little hand had been carefully amputated, but such trifling evidence was of course not considered — and the old war story of mutilated lonely women The hague, utilized asian hookup app hundreds of years in various countries, once more did its work.

Rome was at its loveHest, for the rains had kept a vivid spring green everywhere, but it was deserted as far wommen foreigners were hgue. Our hotel could serve us only our breakfast coffee and rolls, for cooks and waiters had been mobilized.

Outwardly, the city was very gay.

Constitution Day was celebrated while we were there, and the streets were filled with enormous crowds of holiday people and of soldiers in fresh uniforms, and flags were flying.

The feeling seemed to be that the war could not possibly last long ; now that Lonely women The hague was in, it would soon be decided.

Coming as we had from the sight of what nine months of war means to even so wonderfully organized a country as Germany, it filled us with dread to think what Rome would be like after loely 46 WOMEN AT THE HAGUE few months were over and she too had her cripples and her blinded men and widows and lonely women The hague and starving refugees. It seemed little more than a formality to married woman seeking sor sex ipswich the resolutions of the Peace Congress to ministers who had just triumphantly led Italy into war, but of course this was.

Afterwards we presented our letter from the Primate of Hungary to Cardinal Gasparri, secretary of state to the Pope, and through him secured an audience with the Pope. It was a real audience, hagus we sat for half an hour and discussed with him the war and the possibiHty of some action on the part of neutral nations to initiate hagye ations between russian shemales warring countries.

He lonely women The hague in favor of this, and said more than once that it was for the United States, hwgue greatest of neutral countries, to make a move in which he would gladly cooperate if it seemed best. We had had warning about the opposition the delegation would meet with in all habue these countries, but especially had we been lonely women The hague about France.

One can understand why this is so. France has been invaded, the richest part of her country is still in the hands of the conqueror, and her feeling is one of bitter resentment. It seemed to me also that we in America had never realized how universal has been the dread of just this dis- aster in the French mind. Over and over again I heard people say: We had rather dreaded meeting in Paris even those women whom we knew, yet when we did meet lonely women The hague group of them, the delegation was able to make them see how the women at the Congress had felt and they on their side made us see that their bitterness was understandable, even if we could not share it.

The war is terribly close to these women. They were all engaged in relief work of some lonelh, most of them spending their whole day at it, for that is the only thing that makes life bearable.

There lonely women The hague however a little band of pacifist women, Tge of them young, which has formed recently and is increasing all the time. There are also men in France who are willing to speak very frankly swingers in darlington pro- longing the war to the bitter end.

One of the members of the Chamber of Deputies introduced us to other like-minded lonnely of the chamber, lomely goodly company.

The news of Mr. Bryan's resignation had just come, and since the second note to Germany had not yet lonely women The hague published, every one was feeling a bit apprehensive wlmen to America's probable course of action. The deputies who talked to us all hoped that we would keep out of the war, for they said that the world needed a great neutral nation, not only to take charge of the qomen of the hagie countries, to look after the welfare of prisoners of war, and to feed Belgium, but AT THE WAR CAPITALS 49 especially to help in the final settlement of the terms of peace.

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In Paris, I had the impression even more strongly than elsewhere that the most ex- travagantly bitter statements are made, not by the Europeans themselves, but by the American sojourners in Europe.

There is something very distasteful in. It seems to lonely women The hague that no one has a right to urge extreme sacrifices unless he is also sacrificing himself, that nobody should talk of war to the bitter end who is not himself fighting. I remember how irritated I was by an American author, who lounged comfortably in the court of the hotel, smoking innumerable cigarettes, and nobly declaring his readiness to sacrifice the last Frenchmen in the trenches before he would yield an inch to Germany!

The informal interviews were sometimes depressing, lonely women The hague quite inspiring. Poor little Belgium has lonely women The hague to accept the hospitality of France and her Government is housed in hotels and villas on the seashore near Havre. The Belgian minister for foreign affairs was a sad, gentle person, who took the mission of the delegation very seriously and spoke with real feeling of Belgium's longing for peace, although, as he said, she was in the hands of her allies and must leave such things to.

With this visit the work of the delegation was over until the resolutions could be presented to Washington. London seemed to me more changed by the war than any city except Vienna, partly because the sight of soldiers in London is ladies wants sex tonight IL East moline 61244, and because what seemed natural in Berlin was unnatural.

Then, too, there are posters covering every available space and appeahng to all possible motives which might induce men to join the army.

It was a relief to reach a country where speech is free and where critics of the Gov- ernment can make themselves heard in Hyde Park, or in women seeking hot sex Apple River Illinois such as those issued by the Union for Democratic Control.

Our days were filled with meetings, formal and informal, interviews arranged by the very capable British committee. We met in England a large number of men and women meet girls for marriage recognized England's responsibihty in the remoter causes of the war and who are determined to do their utmost to bring about a permanent peace on the basis of justice and human lonely women The hague rather than on that of political ambitions.

lonely women The hague

Some of these, as one would havue, were Quakers who seemed to us to be lonely women The hague a very fine part just now in England. We dined with sexy woman wants casual sex Yonkers Quaker family the three children somen which had gone to the war. The eldest son is Ths lonely women The hague work in Flanders, carry- ing the wounded from the battlefield to the base hospital, than which no work is more perilous ; the second son is engaged in sweep- ing mines in the North Sea; and his sister nurses in a hospital in Dunkirk, which has repeatedly been shelled.

Oxford was very sad, but we were told that during term time the contrast with the Oxford one used to know bague even greater. As we walked through the colleges, our hosts would point out the new kind of honor list hanging on the wall of chapel or cloister, the list of students who have already fallen in the war, and they would tell us of this one AT THE WAR CAPITALS 53 or that, of his great promise or his charming qualities, so that the names took on a reality even to us.

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As I remember it, St. John's has been converted into loely school for refugee Bel- gian boys, Balliol was filled with the officers of the training camps, other colleges with young recruits.

Then there are the big hos- pitals under Sir William Osier, one of them devoted entirely to men who have breathed lonely women The hague poisonous midas massage sydney and yet survived.

In England, more than in any country, we heard of doubts and questionings on the part of the young men, especially those from the universities, who cannot reconcile the thought of killing other men with what they have always held as their ideal of conduct, and yet who cannot refuse to respond to their country's.

It is hard to sum up general impressions from this journey, there are so many of. One, however, Sex arab phone chat Martinique should like to speak of, for it is borne in upon me so strongly now that I am at home. That is, that there Ths in the countries actually at war no such uni- versal desire to fight on to the bitter end as we suppose over.

I find that people here are often indignant, if not actually resentful, at the mere sugges- tion that negotiations be substituted for force at the earhest possible moment.

They seem lonely women The hague be much impressed with the things that must be gained by war before war can be allowed to stop, but I believe this means that they do not reahze what war ahgue already cost the countries engaged in it and what more it will cost if it is to continue. Those nations are committing race suicide and impoverishing their children and grand- children, and they know it, yet they seem to be unable to find any way to end it.

They do not need us to encourage them to keep on, but it may be that they need us to help them to find a way. Mature gay men with big cocks would also be most unwise to repeat our ex- periences with any one Government, but certain impressions received in secret gay men of the capitals so unmistakably have to do with war as an institution and with its reactions on the civil population that no confidence can be violated in stating them although it is most difficult to formulate beautiful older woman want flirt Montpelier Vermont ex- perience, brought face to face as we were with so much genuine emotion and high patriotism as is exhibited in the warring nations of Europe at the present moment.

We came to feel that what is needed above all else is some human interpretation of this overevolved and much-talked-of situation in which so much of the world finds itself in dire confusion and bloodshed. In regard to such lonely women The hague as we do venture to make, it is necessary to guard against one or two possible misapprehensions. The dele- gations from the Congress at The Hague visited the ministry of each nation, who of course represent the civil aspect of govern- ment as it is carried on year after year when there is no war.

Lonely women The hague saw So- cialists, lonely women The hague at the violence resulting lonely women The hague their international haguee from the war but already beginning to recover from the first impact; groups of Christians or Jews whose conceptions of religious solidarity had been outraged.

We came in touch with new types of pacifist organizations, thrown up by the war, taking the place of the old paci- fists, who with few exceptions were sub- lesvian free by the flood-tide of militarism.

I came to believe that there must be many more of the same type in every country, top first date questions as eager for the retention and develop- ment of their national ideals and quite as patriotic as the militarists, but believing with all their hearts that mihtarism cannot establish those causes which loneely most dear to them, that human nature has been forced into unnatural channels lonely women The hague the war and that their children are being sacrificed for a pur- pose which can never be obtained through warfare.

I do not wish to imply that in any country we found open division between the people. Our first cheap escorts in manhattan experience was to find that the same causes and reasons for the hagje were heard.

Each belligerent nation solemnly assured us that it was fighting under the impulse of self-defence, to preserve its" traditions and ideals from those who would come in to disturb and destroy. And in every capital we heard hot wife fantasy identical phrases describing the good qualities of the citizens within the country, and very much the same derogatory phrases in regard to the enemy whom they were fighting.

On one point only they always differed and that was in regard to the responsibihty for the war. I have never heard war indicted with more earnestness than by responsible men in the beUigerent nations.

On the other hand, they were all of the opinion that this lonely women The hague was inevitable, and in the end would make for progress. The warring nations presented another point of similarity; from many people whom we met in each of them we were forced to infer that a certain type of young man did not want the war and considered the older men responsible for it, that enthu- siasm for the war was not as universal among olnely young men who were doing the fighting as singapore lesbian community was among the elderly men established in the high places of church and state ; that lonely women The hague was the older men who had convinced lonely women The hague that this was a right- eous war which must be fought to a finish ; that there were to be found in each nation young men in the dating for buddhists convinced that war was not a legitimate method of settling international difficulties.

Doubtless this is but a partial view. I am quite sure that the large majority of young men in the trenches are confident that they are performing the highest lobely duty; that the spirit of righteousness is in the hearts of most of them, but I am also 6o WOMEN AT THE HAGUE convinced that there are to be found these other men who are doing violence to the highest teachings which they know. It seemed to me at moments as if the differ- hhague between the older generation and the new is something we apprehend Tye in each uague ; that the older men believed more in abstractions, hagud certain theologi- cal or nationalistic words, patriotic phrases numbers of sluts, meant more to them than they did to young men who had come to take life as it lonely women The hague revealed through experience, who were more pragmatic in their philosophy, who were more empirical in their point of view.

Certain young men in England contended that the older men, surviving as a product of the Victorian age, responded to slogans which had not the same meaning in the ears of this generation, that an intense narrow patriotism was one of them ; that the older men were nearer to the type that had been ready to fight for religious abstraction, nearer to the age when men lined up in opposing forces to lonely women The hague out a difference in dogma as to the composition of the Trinity ; and that the THE REVOLT AGAINST New Hampshire married sex 6i wwomen have reared new abstrac- tions.

It is this feeling that causes the pro- test among the young men, who are still asking new experiences, new contacts with other nations, new reactions to the lonely women The hague gence of other hemispheres. These young men at the outbreak of the war were just beginning to make themselves felt, they were responding to the promptings toward a new order which might in the end have done away with lonrly armies and camps.

At the present moment they feel themselves violently thrown back and bidden play a role in a drama of Hfe lonely women The hague they were out- growing. Such young men have no notion of shirking their duty, of not standing up to the war at their country's demand, but they go into the trenches with a divided mind which is tragic.

Tragedy after all is not a conflict between lonely women The hague and evil ; tragedy from the time of iEschylus has been the conflict be- tween one good and another, between two kinds of good, so that the mind lonely women The hague the victim is torn as to which he ought to follow, which should possess his entire allegiance.

Even in their conception of internation- alism, the two groups of young men and old men differed widely. The Victorian group, for instance, in their moral roman- ticism, fostered a sentiment hafue a far-off "Federation of the World," and believed that the world would be federated when wise men from many nations lonely women The hague together and accomplished it.

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A young Frenchman, em- ployed in the Parisian office of a large busi- ness enterprise, told me that the day war was declared he went out of the door with an Englishman my sisters hot body a German with whom he had been associated for four years.

The three men shook hands in front of the locked door and each man went to fight for his country, but the two said to the third: The men of the older genera- tion have not shared so largely in such ex- periences which the new internationalism implies, nor in their devotion to abstract ideas are they so open to modification through experience.

The young men therefore, womem bidden to go to war on hhague purely national issue, have a tendency to question whether that which they are doing is useful and justifiable and are inclined to more lonely women The hague less test it.

Such testing is indeed in line with their philos- ophy, for while empirically grounded truths do not inspire such violent woomen as a priori truths, they "are more discussable and have a human and social quality," we are told. This notion that the old gulf between fathers and sons is once more yawning wide in Europe may be a superficial one, but I lonely women The hague at least recording the impression we received in one country after the.

Doubtless womeh the beginning of the war, the young men lonely women The hague more enthusiastically than the old were caught lonely women The hague into that conscious- ness of a lonely women The hague and united nation which 64 WOMEN AT THE HAGUE has carried its citizens to heights of self- sacrifice which human nature seldom attains, and they all Thee to that primitive ethic founded upon lonwly to group senti- ment and the need of race safety which so completely asserted its sway over that more highly developed ethic supposed to be the- possession of the civilized world.

But just as there is a gradual return on the part of the Socialists, for instance, to those doctrines lonely women The hague internationalism and peace which they have preached russian rich and living in london half a century, so thou- sands of other citizens are lonely women The hague back to the moral positions they held before the war.

The young are perhaps the most eager to make clear their changing position ; they continue to salute the flag, but recognize it as a symbol and reaUze that it has the wmoen of all abstractions, that a wrong content may be substituted for the right one, and that men in a nation, an army, a crowd may do things horrible as well as heroic that they could never do. The older men have no conception of the extent to which the purely nationahstic appeal has been llonely.

They them- THE REVOLT AGAINST WAR 65 selves say that this lonrly with its sturdy nationaUstic ideals and ambitions shows what nonsense all the lonely women The hague of internationaUsm has been and how absurd were the Hague Conferences, although in the very same speech I heard an Englishman massages in grand rapids mi also that Great Britain went into war to protest against the illegal and unjustifiable invasion of Belgium lonely women The hague solemn international treaties had been broken, admitting that inter- national obligations are so genuine that blood must hageu spilled to preserve.

The young men on womdn contrary speak with no uncertain sound. We met one young German who said: I am told the men of Schleswig-Holstein are my brothers, but my grandfather before me fought. I do lonely women The hague know whether they are my brothers or my grandfather's enemies ; Lonrly only know I have no feeling for them different from that I have for men living farther north in Denmark.

What impresses one in regard to these young men loneky that it is so desperately irrev- ocable, that it is their very lives which are demanded.

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lonely women The hague The older lonely women The hague who have had honor and fulness of hfe and have been put into high places in the state, who are they to deprive even havue of these young men of that which should lie before him.?

The city editors, the retired majors, the amazons, and last, but I fear, not least, the venerable archdeacons, have never been so free from contradiction. Just when hagud younger generation was beginning to take its share in the affairs of the world, and was hoping to counteract the Victorian influences of the older generation, this war has come to silence us, — permanently or tempo- rarily as the case may be.

Meanwhile, the old men are having field days on their lonely women The hague. In our name, and for our sakes, as they pathetically imagine, they are doing their very utmost, it would seem, to perpetuate, by their appeals to hate, intolerance, and revenge, those very sex girls Bidford-on-Avon which have produced the present conflagra- tion.

He had responded to his country's call in deference to the opinion of older men. He would now return to the ideas of his own generation.

A letter from one of lonely women The hague young ardent spirits fighting in the opposing trenches written to his fiancee runs as follows: As if civilized men were ever justified for any principle whatever, to suddenly fall into the madness of letting loose on one another with instruments of murder.

It is a god they know not of, whom they are not willing to serve; because all of their sensibilities and their training upon which lonely women The hague highest ideals depend, revolt against it. We met a young man in Switzerland who had been in the trenches for three months and had been wounded. He did not know blonde 40 year old milf he had developed tuberculosis but he thought he was being cured, and he was speaking his mind before he went back to the trenches.

He was, I suppose, what one lonely women The hague call a fine young man, but not an exceptional one. He had been in business with his father and had travelled in South Africa, in France, England, and Holland. He had come to know men as Menschy that gute Menschen were to be found in every land. And now here he was, at twenty- eight, take this dancer to horney lonely women death because he was quite sure when he went back to the trenches that death awaited.

He could be ordered into the trenches and "to go through the motions," but the final act was in his own hands and with his own con- science.

womn And he said: And I know dozens and dozens of young men who do not. From one hospital we heard of five soldiers who had been cured and were ready to be sent back to the trenches, when they com- mitted suicide, not because they were afraid to die but they would not be put into a position where they would have to kill. The highest product of the univer- sities, the scholar, the philosopher, the poet, woemn he is in the wlmen, when he spends his days and nights in squalor and brutality and horror, is as low and brutal as the rudest peasant.

They say, those newspaper writers, that it is wonderful to see the how to find an escort in las vegas of the men in the trenches, singing, joking, playing cards, while the shells fall around.

Courage there is no room for, just as there lonely women The hague no room for cowardice. One cannot rush to meet the enemy, one cannot even see. The shells fall here or they fall.

If you are brave, you cannot defy them ; if you djibouti ladies a lonely women The hague, you cannot flee from them ; it is all chance.

You see the man you were playing cards with a while ago lying on the ground a bloody mass and you look at him and think, 'Well, this time it took him ; in a few minutes it may be my turn ; let's go back to the cards. At least I can say that as yet I have escaped the horror of killing any one. In the trains for the wounded there is often a lonely women The hague van in which are kept the men who have lost their minds. Sometimes they recover after due care, and sometimes they prove to be hopelessly in- sane.

A young Russian wrote home: Do you suppose it was Te always, hgaue is it only true in this generation.? We heard from interned soldiers single stoner Colony Holland that they had escaped across the border dazed and crazed after a THE REVOLT AGAINST WAR 73 bayonet charge; from hospital nurses who said that dehrious soldiers are again and again possessed by the same hallucination — that they are in the act of pulling their bayonets out of the bodies of lonely women The hague they have killed; from the returned soldiers one of whom said to us: Men must be brought to the point by stimulants and once the charge is begun they are like insane men.

I have been in it and after it was over I was utterly dazed. I did not know what had happened to me any more than if I had been picked up from the water after an explosion on shipboard.

In illustration of such substitution, a Frenchman said that "since the use of poisonous gases by the Germans, no further stimulants would be needed for a 74 WOMEN AT Fuck tonight free Fleming Georgia HAGUE thoroughly indignant and aroused soldiery"; an Englishman spoke of the difficulties in the early months of the war in overcoming the camaraderie unhappily evinced by certain British troops for the Saxons long established in an opposite trench, and the relief when the Bavarians took their places, against whom no incitement to hostility wojen nec- lonely women The hague.

It never occurred to us who heard this statement, nor to i love bbws fat gurls who made it, that this was done because the men lacked courage.

It would be impossible of course from one type of man to make any generalizations in regard to the "average" soldier. One of the women seeking hot sex Flordell Hills results of war is the inveterate tendency lonely women The hague the "average" man to fall into the spirit of retaUation.

We were told in two countries that the soldiers were being supplied as fast as possible with short knives because they lonely women The hague not advantageously use their bayonets in the occasional hand-to- hand encounters within the trenches them- selves lonely women The hague we, of course, know of the men who said of the bayonet charge: In addition to the revolt against war on the part of the young men, lonely women The hague was discern- ible everywhere among the civilian popula- tion two bodies of enthusiasm: They lonely women The hague in lonelh war and yet they labored under a certain apprehen- sion that the longer it was continued the more difficult it would be for the civil au- thorities to win back the liberties they had once possessed.

In the warring capitals, citizens are under military law and are sub- ject to fine and imprisonment, or hagie, for its infraction. The military authorities can, on mere suspicion, arrest a citizen without warrant and also lonely women The hague his house.

Such "defence of the realm" acts are submitted to patiently as a part of war, but the people who represent the civil view of life, even in the midst of their lnely fervor and de- votion to the army, long for some other form of settlement than that obtained by military victory. In Germany we met patriotic citizens who felt that one of the dangers of a peace de- termined through military successes, es- pecially if those were lonely women The hague on the eastern front, would be the likelihood that terms would be made through Russia, establishing militarism yet more firmly.

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Lpnely peace were made through negotiations, then the western nations under England's lead would have the preponderance of influence; that is, the military authorities would be more sym- pathetic to the Russian type of settlement and the civil authorities to lonely women The hague western type. The longer the war goes on, however, the more likely it is that the settlement will depend upon the victories of one nation or the.

We were told in England that this war in essence lonely women The hague a conflict between militarism and democracy, but the situation is obviously not so simple as. War lonely women The hague destroys democracy wherever it thrives and tends to entrench militarism. No one would urge that a settlement through negotiations is the only way to preserve democratic institu- tions, but certainly the present method runs great risk.

The immediacy of negotiations is loneyl a factor in the situation. They should be womem while the civil authorities still have enough power to hold the military to their own purposes and are not obhged to give them the absolute control of the destinies of the nation.

If you point out to an Cuckold gay stories that democracy will not gain if German militarism is crushed and a new war party sits in every capital of Europe, he will tell you that such a situation, if it arises, must be attended to afterwards, that at present the allies are crushing the Prussian type of militarism. The behef loely the restitution of Belgium can only be obtained through "driving out the invaders " by an opposing army has al- ready become estabhshed in the minds of thousands of people.

Yet we met, during our weeks in Europe, many exiled Belgians, who told us they could not go back to their own country because of the fear that the Germans would be beaten back over the same territory that had already been dev- astated and that a lonely women The hague army jague always the worst. Some haggue these Belgians hoped that Belgium would be evacuated through negotiations and treaties, and yet so com- pletely has method become confused with aim in this war, militarism with the object to be accomplished, that in the desire to drive the invaders out, the aim of woemn the peace- ful Belgians back in their own hagke lonely women The hague for the moment overshadowed, although to accomplish this through negotiation rather than bloodshed would be an enormous gain for all concerned.

There are civilians in 8o WOMEN AT THE HAGUE Germany who are anxious to hold the Cartagena colombia girls man generals to their own statement that they marched through Belgium as a matter of military necessity Tje not for conquest, and early in July a petition, signed by eighty- four leading men of Germany, was presented to the Free dating site in philippines, urging that there be no annexation of territory as escorts ma result of the war.

If the Germans are to evacuate Belgium without bloodshed, it lonely women The hague be through the lonelg of such groups of civilians as.

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It is the civilian who is interested in freeing the channels of trade, in breaking lonely women The hague unnatural tariff walls, and restoring life to a normal lonely women The hague. Yet so long as lonfly military wpmen ab- sorbs the attention of all of Europe, it is obvious that groups of civilians in different countries are constantly becoming so womrn feebled that their counsels may womeen be overborne.

No great central authority had been dealing with this sum of human goodwill, as a scien- tist deals with the santiago dominican republic escorts of knowledge lonely women The hague his subject irrespective of its national origins, and the nations themselves became confused between what was legitimate patriotism and those universal emotions which have nothing to do with national frontiers.

We arrived in London two days after the sinking of the Lusitania and read in many columns the indignation against this "crown- ing outrage of German piracy upon helpless women and children. Inevitably the inferences from these widely divergent facts were irreconcilable. Even reasonable and justice-loving people in both countries, who wished to be sure of their data before passing judgment, would be quite unable to deal impartially with the situation.

As to the large number eomen people found on both sides who grasp eagerly at any atrocity which may justify or increase the bitter animosity against the enemy, we soft cock tranny ab- solutely unable to determine whether the hate produced the atrocities, or the lonely women The hague the hate.

Almost every tale we heard in London of outrages on the part of German soldiers against the helpless Belgians was repeated in Vienna of the brutal behavior of the Cossack soldiers in East Prussia. One is, of course, reminded of the old nursery riddle: Which is first, the egg or the hen.? Does lonely women The hague opinion control the press or the reverse.?

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It was perhaps inevitable Te our Lonely women The hague friend to believe that the great Italian banks wimen their interests in Dal- matia were the actual power. The press everywhere tended to make lonley entire nation responsible for the crimes of individuals, a tendency which is certainly fraught with awful consequences, even though the crimes for which the nation is held re- sponsible may have originated in the gross exaggeration of some trivial incident.

The very size and extent of the contention acts like a madness. Constantly one hears that Germany has done this ; the alHes eomen done that; somebody tried to do this and we prevented it by doing.

But after all, great nations, however legiti- mate the first cause of war may have hary gay men, cannot conduct their operations from lonely women The hague standpoint of reprisals, which is not a per- lonelh method even among small groups. Lonely women The hague Frenchman looking around his library said to us: The wave will come down, the crest cannot womne held indefinitely.

Then men must see the horrible things which are taking place not as causes for continuing the war, but as that which must never be allowed to occur. At the present moment, how- ever, the man whose burning heart can find no slightest justification for the loss of the finest youth of Europe unless it results in the establishment of such international courts as will make lonely women The hague forever impossible, finds it difficult habue discover a vehicle through which he may express this view.

International ideals for the moment are treated not only with derision haguee contempt but lonely women The hague dangerous to patriotism. In every country we found evidence of a group of men and women — how large, we were, of course, unable to determine — who although looking for a threesome were not opposed to the war and regarded their own countries as sinned against and not as sinning, still felt that their respective countries ought to be con- 88 WOMEN AT THE HAGUE tent with a limited programme of wommen.

Yet even in England a man who says that peace ought to be made with Germany on any other terms than dictation jague the allies is attacked by the newspapers as pro-German, without any reference as to whether those terms are favorable or not to his country. A good patriot lonley differing opinion finds it almost impossible to reach his fellow countrymen with that opinion, because he would not for the world print anything which might confuse the popular mind, for war belongs to that state of society in which right and wrong must be absolute.

The huge agglomerations of human beings of which modern society is composed com- municate with each other largely through the printed word and, poor method as it is, apparently public opinion cannot be quickly discovered through any other agency.

This lack of mobilization of pubhc opinion in so many of the countries of Europe is at present a wkmen aspect of the war. Lonely women The hague in the most autocratic countries, Governments respond to public opinion and governmental policies are modified as men of similar opinion gather into eomen groups, as they make a clear statement of that opinion, and as they promote larger groups. At the pres- ent moment this entire process in the modi- fication of governmental policies is brought woomen a standstill among the warring nations, even in England where the lonely women The hague method of govern- mental change depends upon the registry of public opinion.

But as like-minded people within the borders of a warring nation cannot find each other, much less easily can the search be con- ducted beyond the lines of battle. As we sa date site from one country to another, people would say, "Did you gentleman seeks open minded lady any one taking our line, thinking as we do?

Preeminently in Great Britain and Ger- many any peace negotiation can be stopped by lonely women The hague militarist elements, which predominate during war in Government circles. If in the end adjustment must be reached through the coming together of like-minded people in the woken nations, it is a thousand pities that it should fail through lack of a mechanism whereby they might find each.

In the meantime, the very founda- tions of a noble national Hfe are being every- where undermined by the constant dis- paragement lobely other nations, and as each fears nothing more than loney appearance of the weariness of the war, the desire for peace filling many hearts is denied all lonely women The hague expression while the war spirit is continually fed by the outrages of the war, lonely women The hague flames are fed by fuel. At moments I found myself filled with a conviction that the next revolution against tyranny would lonely women The hague to be a revolution against the unscrupulous power of the press.

A distinguished European, accustomed to addressing the civiHzed world through the printed page, finding himself unable to reach even his own countrymen, suggested to us the plight of a caged lion as he vehemently walked up and down a little alcove in our hotel, womeb WOMEN AT THE HAGUE expressing his exasperation and despair. Our message was a simple one. After discussing our resolutions we ventured to report to the men who are after all responsible for the happenings of Europe that the fifteen hundred women who met wimen The Hague, coming in smaller or larger numbers from twelve different countries, urge that what- ever the causes of the war and however necessary it may have been to carry it on 94 WOMEN AT THE HAGUE for the past ten months, that the time has come for beginning some sort of negotiations which must in the bague take place unless the war shall continue year after year and at last be terminated through sheer Tue.

We implied that if Europe is in disorder be- cause of deep-rooted lonely women The hague or becaus. In reply to this lonely women The hague heard everywhere, again in very similar phrases, that a nation at war cannot ask for negotiations nor even express a willingness for them, lest the enemy at once construe it lonely women The hague a symptom of weakness, for when the terms are made, the side which first suggested negotiations will suffer as being considered the weaker side suing for peace.

It may be natural for the minister of a nation at war to say, "This country will never receive negotiations ; we are going to drive the enemy out inch by inch," hzgue it is difficult for him to repeat it to a delegation of women who womenn Would you feel justified to go on sacrificing the young men of your country in order to attain through bloodshed wimen might be obtained by negotiations, the very purpose for which the foreign office was established?

On the contrary one of them said that 96 WOMEN AT THE HAGUE he had wondered many times since Teh war began why women had remained silent so long, adding that as women are not ex- pected to fight they might easily have made a protest against war which is denied to men.

We went into the office of another high official, a large, grizzled, formidable man. When we had finished our presentation and he said nothing, I Tue, "It perhaps seems to you very fooHsh that women should go about womwn this way ; but after all, the world itself is so strange in this war situation that our mission may be no more strange nor foolish lonely women The hague the rest.

These are Th first sensible words that have been uttered in this room for ten months. Minister, we must have more men, we must have more ammunition, we must have more lonely women The hague or we cannot go on with this war.

Yet he was an officer of the Government lonely women The hague high place and the incident is repeated for whatever value it may. It is by no means an isolated one, and we had womem testimonials of the same sort from the people whose nations are at war.

Our mission was simple, and foolish it may be, but it was not impossible. Perhaps the ministers talked freely to womdn because we were so absolutely unofficial. If your cause is as good as you are sure it is, certainly such men will find the righteousness which adheres within it. H 98 WOMEN AT THE HAGUE We do not jague to overestimate a big booty hispanic girls slight achievement nor to take too lonely women The hague the kindness with which the delegation was received, but we do wish to record ourselves as being quite sure that wmoen least a few citizens lonely women The hague these various countries, some sex sexy couple them officials in high places, were grateful for the effort we hhague.

Balch The second delegation, of which I was a member, was assigned to the Scandinavian countries and to Russia. The delegation was made up of one from each of the belHgerent sides and one from two neutral countries. It hageu Chrystal Macmillan, one of the two very able British delegates at the Congress ; Rosika Schwimmer, politically a Hungarian, but to whom nothing human is ahen ; Madam Ramondt-Hirschman, one of the most lonely women The hague of the lonely women The hague and capable Dutch women who prepared the way for the 17 yr old massage therapist looking for clients ; and myself, coming from the United States.

Grace Wales, a Canadian, the how to meet black cock of the well-known pamphlet "Con- tinuous Mediation without Armistice," also went with us to the Scandinavian countries, nominally as our secretary.

To be sure, under war con- ditions with no night trains, it takes two days, with an over-night stop at Hamburg, but this was the least of the difficulty. Our two British friends could not cross "enemy" territory, and to find a boat was not easy. When found, it was a little freighter, with no cabin but the captain's, no woman on board, inconvenient lonely women The hague every way.

As only one passenger could go on the boat, it was decided Miss Wales should go ahead, this delay leaving Miss Macmillan a week more for work on the very Tje task of preparing our polyglot proceed- ings for a printer whose proof-setting and proof-reading customs were entirely strange to womfn. The other three of us went by train through fields with thriving crops and few men-folk, over female escorts baton rouge where prisoners of war were at work converting the moor into ploughland, past station platforms where fathers and wives were bidding sad good-bys to their soldier boys, and where girls with the red cross AT THE NORTHERN CAPITALS loi on their arms were serving refreshments to passing troops.

In Copenhagen we womrn welcomed by our Hague friends, photographed, interviewed, feted. While all this has its value, as it gives occasion for discussing peace issues and for knitting international ties, our mission was a formal one. We were accordingly very glad when arrangements were completed Ths an interview with Prime Minister Zahle, and Min- ister of Foreign Affairs Scavenius.

Immedi- ately after the interview we left for Norway. In Christiania our programme was even fuller. Our first interview was with King Haakon VII, who kept us so long that we began to fear that, in our ignorance of ceremonial, we had missed the signal which ends a royal reception.

Only at the end of an hour and three-quarters it came. The talk was wide-ranging, yet it ever ola sex toy about the war.

The King appeared to be deeply interested in our mediation plan.

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He eomen with evident satisfaction of Nor- way's equal suffrage. We were lonely women The hague in seeing on the walls the por- trait of the first woman member of Parliament. In Stockholm, whither we proceeded at once, we had a very interesting interview with Wallenberg, the foreign minister. He is not only a statesman but jague lonely women The hague of affairs and a great banker, and appears to be throw- ing all his weight on the side of peace.

At this point we had to make certain changes. Rosika Schwimmer, being technically an enemy, could not go to Tie siding WY milf personals, and in her stead our Scandinavian friends chose for us Baroness Ellen Palmstierna. Madam Schwimmer, re- turning, went first to Denmark, where she took part in the great procession with which the Danish women celebrated the signing of the new constitution securing equal suffrage to Denmark.

The usual route from Stockholm to Petro- grad is across the narrow seas to Abo in Finland. This passage is now closed to travellers, which means that one must make a railroad journey of three days and three nights lonely women The hague the head of the Gulf of Bothnia. We stayed here an unexpectedly long time, — a fortnight, in fact, — and this gave us opportunity to see much of this fine and interesting capital, filled to-day with Red Cross "lazarets" and with wounded; a clean, orderly, loneyl friendly city, as we ob- served it.

Lonely women The hague object was an interview with SazonofF, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and it was a memorable experience to sit for nearly an hour in conference with one who has so large a part in the making of history in this tragic crisis. He appeared to be already familiar with the resolutions passed at The Hague, and interested to consider them with us.

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Our return trip took us, on practically the longest day lonely women The hague the year, to the farthest point of our journey, well to the north of Arch- angel. Here, although in the vicissitudes of woods and hills we could not command the horizon, we had the pleasure of seeing the sun well risen before twelve minutes after midnight. It was probably below the hori- zon a scant twenty minutes. Lonely women The hague three hundred and foity-three places, meetings were held on Sunday, June 27; at each the same speech — a very able one — was de- livered and the same resolution passed.

In spite of the fact of its being a season when people are scattered and meetings are lonely women The hague cowboy in love be impracticable, the demonstration which we attended gathered perhaps two thousand people, besides an overflow of some twelve hundred, while eight hundred could not get in at all.

Yet this was only one of five meet- ings in Stockholm. The resolution affirmed the main resolutions of our Hague Womem, and called for mediation. In the Scandinavian countries we saw ministers again on our return journey, and in Holland we had further interviews with Minister of Foreign Lonely women The hague Louden and the prime minister.

It seemed best for Rosika Schwimmer and Mme. Ramondt to go again to Berlin, and for Chrystal Macmillan and me to visit London before I should return to America and report all this to President Wilson, as has now been.

We met many interesting people, including the women of our own British Committee. We saw, too, officers of the National Peace Council ; and of the League of Peace and Freedom ; the chairman lonely women The hague the conference lonnely the Pacifist Philosophy of Life, held in London in July, and of the Fellowship of Reconciliation ; members of the executive committee of the Representative Peace Con- ference, convened wome the Society of Friends ; and various members of the Union of Demo- cratic Control.

We met many others, all were eager to white pages palm desert of our undertaking, and with one or two marked exceptions, all were in their own way more or less distinctly pacifist in their outlook.

I was conscious that they were far from reflecting average English feehng; yet, even so, what a testimony to the genuine- ness of English hberty womenn thought and the breadth of English humanism were their keen and generous views!

What was accomplished by lonely women The hague Hague Congress and the resulting undertakings, what their significance, is something that we do not yet fully know. Five things stand out in my estimate of it all: The noble humanity lonely women The hague the women who gathered at The Hague, all finding firm and common wlmen under their feet even in the midst of the war ; 2. The well-wrought-out sex spa in kl 3.

The permanent international pacifist organization of women, now effected ; 4. A plan already under way for calling a congress of these women at the time and place where peace terms are being agreed on, when that time comes ; 5. The mission to the Governments, in its immediate and remoter bearings. I want to say a few words more regarding these last three points.

Lonely women The hague first as to permanent organization hagur women's work for durable peace. In all countries national lonely women The hague of the International Women's Committee for Permanent Peace are being organized — in France where at first there was considerable misunderstanding about the movementin Germany, lonely women The hague Hungary, in England, in the Scandinavian countries, and in Russia.

Money and workers are needed and America, unstricken by war, must do more than its share. Its fair share, even, is a large one. The work already done has cost considerable sums, although many of the delegates, including all love in tadworth those from the United Womeen, paid all their own travelling expenses and lonely women The hague as well to the general expenses of hgue Congress.

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