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Lets meet on a regular basis

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I will be nice and gentle. I am seeking for someone to fulfill my life as well as I will fulfill theirs and enjoy compboobiesion, closeness and the little quirky chats. I mset it could be fun to meet at a park or public place to meet and go for a walk and find a place to be alone ;) Do you have any ideas.

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What does it mean to touch base?

This phrase derives from a sport. Can you guess which one?

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Get Grammarly. In baseball, players must touch each of four bases in order to score a run.

Touch base means to make contact with. Touch is the verb in the phrase touch base.

To use it, you must conjugate touch according to the subject of a sentence. Some people make bases plural, but this is an error.

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Remember, the bases do not touch each other in the game! I called my colleagues every week of my sabbatical to touch base.

baasis My mom likes touching base daily, but I think a weekly check-in would be fine. The bank holds an annual meeting to touch bases with the shareholders.

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Shepparton News. The San Diego Union-Tribune. Shundalyn Allen.

To touch base means to get in contact. Base is not plural in this expression.

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