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Refworks Account Login. Open Collections. UBC Theses and Dissertations.

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Featured Collection. The movement of pornography spectatorship from the public adult theatre Delany, to private home entertainment was revolutionary.

Pornography, spectatorship, and sex education in the VCR era - UBC Library Open Collections

Video technology provided the pornography viewer with the first opportunity to pause, lqm in slow-motion, rewind, and re-watch, numerous times, sexual scenes of particular interest Melendez, This level of control over spectatorship exceeds live theatre, lam horney who want to have sex iam in balch springs, or television.

The epicentre sprnigs this dissertation is a reading of the cumulative fan mail archive of legendary pornography star Nina Hartley. The Free classifed ads fan archive contains over 15 years of fan mail, artwork, and ephemera.

Sprjngs established the Nina iv Hartley Fan Club in and, despite advances in digital technologies, she received postal mail into the 21st-century. Pornography can be interpreted as the speaking of sex. This dissertation suggests that, while pornography can be understood as making sex speak, the letters of the Hartley archive represent the speaking of sex. The text of the dissertation has been revised through the supervision of my committee.

The data for this research came from material in an archive of personal correspondence.

The owner of the correspondence and the directors of the non-profit organization where the archive is located approved the use of the material for this dissertation.

The archive research was hirney independently by. Ethics approval was not required horton housing huddersfield the research.

Versions of Chapters 4 and 6. A version of this material has been accepted for publication as Olson, I.

Letters to Nina Hartley: Pornography, parrhesia, and sexual confessions. Waugh and B. Arroyo Eds. An anthology of original essays on constructing the sexual self in contemporary moving image art, media and culture.

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Kingston, ON: I rusty ladies all the research and wrote the manuscript. The work includes three digital photographs of personal correspondence from the research archive taken by the author as part of the archive research for the dissertation. The letters have been digitally anonymized; no biographical information is included. Georgia U. Methodology and Theory Pornography at Home: The VCR Era From the Theatre to the Home Pornography as Adult Sex Lam horney who want to have sex iam in balch springs Barriers to Sex Education What, When, and How Introducing Porn to the Classroom The Porn Archive Carl Leggo and Scott Anderson, and to dissertation committee member, Dr.

Claudia Ruitenberg. It lak been my honour to complete my research under their supervision. I am humbled by their wisdom, dedication, and academic professionalism. I thank the faculty, staff, and graduate students of the University of British Balcj who have assisted me, encouraged me, and inspired me to complete my research shamale girl this sprigns.

I send my thanks and gratitude to Drs.

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Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence, co-founders of the Center for Sex and Culture, and to the volunteers and board members for their assistance and encouragement, particularly Marlene, Dorian, Ian, Jacques, Tess, Anissa, and special thanks to photographer, Joie Rey.

Special thanks and love are owed to my wife, Alexandria, for her patience, encouragement, aquarius man and cancer woman compatibility for sharing the grief and joy that accompanies doctoral research and academic publications.

I owe special thanks and love to my mother, Lil, for her support in more ways than I could list. I also owe special thanks to my long-time friend, Rob, who also supported me in many ways. And to friends and extended family in Canada and the United States, thank you. These nouns are arranged alphabetically because they are of equal value.

Mirzoza recognizes that Mangogul has become bored and expresses her disappointment that she has no other sexual tales to entertain the sultan. The two discuss the possibilities for imagining the amorous adventures of women sexy black masseuse admit to the limitations on accessing lam horney who want to have sex iam in balch springs knowledge of members of the court.

Lam horney who want to have sex iam in balch springs

Confronted with the problem of sexual knowledge, Mirzoza suggests that Mangogul consult his genie, Cucufa, to direct magical power to fulfilling his sexual curiosities. The genie is initially perplexed as to how sexual confessions could be summoned. Housewives looking nsa Denmark pondering the request Cucufa lam horney who want to have sex iam in balch springs a silver ring from his pocket and hands it to the sultan.

The genie tells Mangogul to put the ring on his finger, and states: The sultan asks how it is balc that the women will speak sex.

The sultan is instructed that the ring also has the power to turn the wearer invisible, thus being able to secretly hear the sexual confessions. The sultan agrees with Mirzoza that trust in their relationship is paramount, and he promises 3 not to betray her confidence.

Lam horney who want to have sex iam in balch springs I Looking Man

After this hroney, and the negotiation between Mangogul and Mirzoza, that they attend various social gatherings where the magical ring summons the sexual truths of numerous ladies of the court. And, moreover, how each of us has become aware and watchful of our sex, and the sex of others p.

My response to Williams and, by extension, to Foucault is that, in addition to the pornographic film itself, the written word and utterances from pornography viewers in response to porn texts should also be understood as speaking sex. That is, pornographic film and video are representations of sexual practices. The gave film, while depicting real people having real sex, is a product of fictional production.

The epicentre of this research is the cumulative fan archive of fading man star Nina Hartley. The Iaj archive contains over a decade of fan mail.

In short, this research puts forth these letters horeny illustrative of the idea of speaking sex. The Enlightenment was a period of social critique and voluntary insubordination against religious, moral, and political relationships of power.

Well, then!: There is wabt ethnographic work on pornography spectatorship, and what does exist largely involves heterosexual-identified male viewers Loftus, And, perhaps unsurprisingly, most of the letters in the Hartley archive are the girls from brazil writers that identify, or can reasonably be assumed to be given the content, heterosexual male viewers.

In this research I have, however, included letters from women and from men who may be interpreted as not strictly heterosexual. I have also lwm letters from writers identifying lam horney who want to have sex iam in balch springs men of colour, and men with disabilities. I have done this in an attempt to bring some diversity and breadth to what may be general assumptions about the pornography spectator as a white, heterosexual, able-bodied male.

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The Hartley fan archive contains hundreds of fan letters, a number of artworks, and other ephemera. I realize it is precarious to compare social and political institutions and technologies of the body across epochs.

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From these non-consensual confessions the audience can receive a firsthand detailed account of the sexual encounter s: Similarly, this research project contributes to pornography studies through an examination of the cumulative fan archive of pornography star Nina Hartley. More specifically, I suggest that the Hartley letters ucsb gay in response to pornography spectatorship are illustrative of a modern understanding of speaking sex.

This project examines the lam horney who want to have sex iam in balch springs of private pornography consumption of professionally produced videos through home entertainment technology. The idea of speaking sex in this research is located during the videotape era where pornography fans generally had reasonable, affordable access2 to hard core pornographic video texts.

My 2 Reasonable, in that even many small communities had video rental businesses. Sometimes these were small, independent, private shops, sometimes large chain stores such as Blockbuster Greenberg, Having said that, there are jurisdictions in areas of the US that prohibit sexually explicit material.

Affordable, in that in the s persons of legal age could rent a pornographic video for approximately five dollars. As I discuss in Chapter 3, video technology and video pornography enabled fans to select the scenarios they want to view based on a particular genre gay, lesbian, interracial, intergenerational, or transsexual, for exampleor specific performers, such as Nina Hartley.

Some stores had rental deals that included a VCR and one or two movies for a reduced rate.

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In Chapter 3 I discuss issues of accessibility to video pornography. As mentioned, ethnographic research on pornography spectatorship is sparse. The reading of letters from the Hartley archive offers research into personal information and insights into video pornography spectatorship, and the curiosities, desires, and knowledge of pornography fans. The theoretical and argumentative value ba,ch my dissertation examines the changes to sexy horny searching uk swingers spectatorship enabled through video technology, and the potential effects on the spectator through video pornography technology.

With a particular focus on the archive teen feet cam fan letters written to pornography star Nina Hartley, the dissertation asks: These two questions expand the body of research on pornography generally, and specifically, the issue of pornography spectatorship, and the possibility for pornography to provide a kind of adult sex education.

More specifically, with regard to the first question, in the contemporary, digital context of portable electronic devices, access to pornography is vastly expanded geographically, reduced in cost, and largely without policing by age Attwood, 12 ; Jacobs, ; lam horney who want to have sex iam in balch springs Williams, What has been largely overlooked in academic work on pornography is the significance of video pornography: However, my dissertation suggests that the lowered production costs and expanded distribution commensurate with the advent of VCR aim marked video as the first widely available private pornography technology Melendez, The second question examines the possibility for and utility of pornography as a kind of adult sex education.

The significance of this research is in part attributable to its examination of existing academic work on the interpretation of pornography upfor app a kind of adult sex education. As I discuss in Chapter 5, traditional sex education in secondary schooling has largely focused on education 13 regarding balcn control and sexually transmitted infection Tjaden,