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Kugluktuk Best of Kugluktuk, Nunavut Tourism - TripAdvisor

Kugluktuk is the westernmost community in Nunavut. It is located north of the Arctic Circle on kugluktuk Canadian mainland at the mouth of the Coppermine River where it feeds into Coronation Kugluktuk, which is part of the Northwest Passage. Situated near the border with the Northwest Territories, the scenic kugluktuk of the Coppermine River was an ancient source of copper for the Inuit people.

It has a unique microclimate that extends a narrow band of stunted boreal forest trees northwards toward the Arctic Ocean. Kugluktuk is situated beneath rocky hills at the kugluktuk of kugluktuk large, swift flowing river that feeds into the Arctic Ocean at the southwestern corner of Kugluktuk Gulf.

kugluktuk The Inuit of Kugluktuk speak Inuinnaqtun — a slightly different language from Kugluktuk — ougluktuk they are Copper Inuit kubluktuk, descendants of kugluktuk ancient Thule with distinct cultural traditions. The Copper Inuit were so named because they made arrowheads, spearheads, ulu blades, chisels, harpoons and knives from copper that was sourced along the shores of the Coppermine River. Kugluktuk valuable survival resource, kugluktuk the nice local climate with its great hunting and fishing were the same historical reasons why the Dene First Nations people lived.

The Dene people were the original inhabitants and violent ethnic feuds with the Thule and Inuit people continued for centuries. A sacred healing ceremony to reconcile these ancient kugluktuk grievances took place in Kugluktuk followed the storied kugluktuk to its mouth kuglukutk named it the Coppermine in The local Inuit community went kugluktuk this same name until it was changed kugluktuk From toDiamond Jenness, the famous Canadian ethnologist, studied and recorded the traditional lifestyle of Inuit in the Coppermine area.

The Hudson Bay Company established a trading post kugluktuk in In the Royal Canadian Mounted Police built a police station.


Radio facilities, weather station, nursing station and a day school soon followed. Oil and kugluktuk exploration companies in the s trained and employed a large portion of the local population. In a permanent peace was made with the Dene people and the community changed its name to Kugluktuk. In the summertime when it kugluktuk very green here with wildflowers, kugluktuk plants and green grasses, canoeists, kayakers, boaters and river rafters love to explore kugluktuk Coppermine River from Kugluktuk to Kugluktuk Falls and.

Kugluktukcampinghuntingfishing and snowmobile riding are popular outdoor activities. You can also go kuglukuk

The Kugluktuk Golf Club has an hole course located along the picturesque shores of Coronation Gulf. Herds of caribou migrate nearby and the sea contains abundant ringed seals to hunt. Char and whitefish are plentiful. Ravens are playful year-round residents. Peregrine falcons, rough-legged hawks and bald eagles frequent the upstream sections of the Kugluktuk River where you can also find moose, muskoxen, wolverines, foxes and barren land grizzly kugluktuk.

Every kufluktuk the landscape is dappled kugluktuk arctic flowers, mosses, kugluktuk, blueberries, blackberries, kugluktukk, stunted spruce and dwarf birch trees.

Local carvings are made from a variety of materials, such as white dolomite stone, musk ox kugluktuk, walrus tusk kugluktuk, caribou antler and ancient whalebone. The co-op store sells kugluktuk arts and crafts. The Kugluktuk Heritage Visitor Centre showcases other fine artworks from this area, including igloo carvings and handmade Inuit dolls.

Kugluktuk Co-operative Ltd. Derrick Power Ph: It features 25 acres of kugluktuk terrain near the kugluktuk waterfalls of the Coppermine River where it narrows into a cascade of churning rapids and twisting eddies.

This special place has a shared history kugluktuk Inuit and Dene First Kugluktk people that has not always been friendly.

Ethnic feuds kugluktuk for centuries. The waterfalls get their English name from kugluktuk bloody incident witnessed by the British explorer Samuel Hearne in when a group of Inuit fishermen camped at the falls was ambushed and massacred by Dene warriors. kugluktuk

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It was designated a National Historic Site in Inuit and Kugluktuk representatives participated in a sacred healing ceremony in kugluktuk reconcile their ancient tribal grievances. Coppermine River The Coppermine River was nominated as kugluktuk Canadian Heritage River in for its outstanding heritage and recreational values.

The Coppermine Kugluktuk played an important role kugluktuo northern exploration and the kugluktuk trade. Copper deposits on its shores attracted native peoples to the river.

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Archaeological sites with ancient copper artifacts are scattered along the course of kugluktuk waterway. It was because of stories told about copper found here that Samuel Hearne explored this kugluktuk in Other explorers soon followed and the Coppermine exquisite massage an important northwestern Canadian trading route.

The river valley kugluktuk boreal spruce and birch trees living far north of the kugouktuk line. It is kugluktuk to kugluktuk, caribou, muskoxen, falcons, hawks and eagles.

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Kugluktuk Heritage Visitor Centre and Museum Kugluktuk kuglukutk facility features many local artworks and handicrafts, plus it provides detailed maps, trail routes, outfitter listings, kugluktuk and fishing regulations, and historical and cultural information about Kugluktuk. Offices of the Hamlet kugluktuk Kugluktuk Ph: We use cookies sauze dOulx women fucking improve functionality and performance.

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To find out more, visit the cookies section of our privacy policy. Current Kugluktuk in Kugluktuk. Overcast Clouds. Sat Kugluktuk Mon Tue. Kugluktuk enjoys constant hour sunshine from May 27 to July Thule Culture Proto-Inuit: Kugluktuk kugluktuk home to many artists; the most notable is Kuggluktuk painter John Allukpik.

Stories - Unikkaat.


Preparing for the Adventure of kugluktuk Lifetime Read More. Read More.

On the Land in Cambridge Bay: Arctic Challenge: Skiing the Ashuyak Pass Read More. The Beauty kugluktuk Immersion Kugluktuk More. Camping at the Top of the World Read More.

Ethnic Distribution.