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Do you need an old fashioned spanking

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Today we have a pretty weird relationship with spanking.

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spanming There continues to be controversy about spanking as a disciplining tool, with many people including yours truly weirded out by the disciplinary use of spanking and of the opinion that there should be no corporal punishment of children at do you need an old fashioned spanking. While some spanking fetishists have expressed hesitance about sharing their love of spanking openly, anyone who likes a good spanking is actually part of a long and venerable history. True enthusiasts can take a trip to see this painting in Tarquinia, Italy!

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Late 18th century. Spanking was depicted in classic works of European literature.

It may also be one of the first literary accounts of the erotic pleasure of spanking, as an adult Rousseau recounts that a spanking form his childhood inspired his do you need an old fashioned spanking tastes later in life.

Spanking was also depicted in some not-so-classic literary works, case in point: This was accompanied by a truly stunning array of illustrated and photographic spanking porn of basically any type imaginable, such as: So why do people love spanking so much?

Physiologically, a little extra pressure stimulates erotic nerves are hidden on the ass under a healthy layer xn muscle and fat. New to the world of erotic spanking, or want to expand your repertoire?

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If you want to get more hardcore than a stray slap—or refine your technique to perfection—check out this handy guide to getting, well, handy. Reina Gattuso. September 4, 10 min read.

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