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All of this pressure can take a serious toll — not just on your cool out friends but on you as. As challenging as this situation is, there are resources out there that can help.

So relax, take cool out friends deep breath, and read on fridnds you got this! If your friend is in immediate danger, call Do not attempt to give your friend legal adviceas the laws surrounding sextortion of a minor vary state by state.

In some states, your friend cool out friends even get in legal trouble for taking nude pictures of themselves. For legal advice, please refer to the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative website. A great way to help keep your friend safe is to work with them to create a safety plan — an outline cool out friends where to go, what to bring, and who to rely on if and when they choose to leave an abusive situation.

This is an important step because cutting off ties with an abuser is hard, and can be dangerous for your friend. The best time to talk about sextortion with your friends is before it happens! Tell two cool out friends friends today that cool out friends can count on you if frineds like sextortion ever happens to.

If something seems off, always always always check in. How do you feel about that aspect of your relationship? Cool out friends, non-judgmental support is the number one thing they need from you right. Instead of shaming or scolding them, try some of these phrases, courtesy of Break The Cycle:.

If your friend decides not to exit the situation, the best thing you can do is remain compassionate and supportive. Provide them with available resources as well as a space that allows them to feel safe in a cool out friends of crisis.

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Remember to practice self-care. Rely on loved cool out friends for emotional support, do activities you enjoy to clear your mind, and make extra sure to cool out friends enough sleep and exercise. Stop Sextortion Home. Instead of shaming or scolding them, try some of these phrases, courtesy of Break The Cycle: I want you to be safe.

You deserve to be treated with respect. What do you need?

Love 9 Share Tweet Share. Sextortion Sextortion Survey Insights: The Latest from Survivors.

Thorn Staff October 25, cool out friends Guest Author October 31, Sextortion I am a victim of revenge pornography, and this is my story. Guest Author October 4, Get Involved, Stay Informed. Thorn is a registered c 3 organization EIN: All Rights Reserved, thorn.

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