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46 yr old wm looking for motorcycle rididng partner now

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We've seen riridng pretty eye-catching motorcycles in recent months, including a Tron light cycle replicathe exotic Feline Oneand the quirky Dryvtech 2x2x2. That said, all of those bikes have one glaring shortcoming — none of them were co-designed by William Shatner. The actor who brought us the character of Captain James T.

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Kirk ishowever, one of the creative forces behind the limited-edition Rivet. And judging by what he's told us, he's pretty proud of it. Shatner is teaming up with Aurora, Illinois-based custom motorcycle company American Wrench for the project.

He's even planning to ride one of the single-seat trikes from Chicago to LA this summer, so it's apparently not just something he's dabbling in. Does that sound incredible or what?

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Not many other specs are available for now so we aren't sure whether or not it will have warp drivealthough he did also tell rididhg that the Rivet's B bomber-inspired body will be constructed of aluminum.

Additionally, the trike forgoes a traditional handlebar for a radical-looking twin-lever steering. The first do you need an old fashioned spanking the Rivets is being constructed now, with plans for an unspecified limited number of units to follow. 46 yr old wm looking for motorcycle rididng partner now Sirotek said that the company isn't ready to provide pricing information just yet, it's probably safe to assume that the things won't be cheap.

Should you not be afraid of spending a bit of money, though, you can reserve yourself a Rivet via the link. Rivet Motors.

LOG IN. Menu HOME. Miami Apple Store inspired by Art Deco architecture. Mars adventure caravan brings comfort to the bush. Bookstore installed in second-tallest skyscraper. Teen social media use not associated with mental health.

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Inside Saturn, conductive liquids may flow like honey. Albino lizards are world's first gene-edited reptiles. Laser scarecrows helps keep cornfields clear lookimg bird pests. Going up: Watch SpaceX's Starhopper soar to new heights.

46 yr old wm looking for motorcycle rididng partner now

Digital Cameras. Canon refreshes aging DSLR, outs 2nd gen mirrorless. Moza debuts new AirCross2 lightweight camera gimbal. Vantablack BMW X6: The blackest car that's ever existed. Triumph announces Daytona Moto2 Limited Edition. Trakka's new camper van is a go-anywhere mobile office. Urban Transport.

Hyundai e-scooter charges when mounted to your car. Search Query Submit Search. Facebook Twitter Flipboard LinkedIn. The Rivet definitely has a look of its. Shatner is planning to ride a Rivet from Chicago to LA this summer. The Rivet seen from above, somewhat resembling a triceratops.

Ben Coxworth. An experienced freelance writer, he previously obtained an English BA from the University of Saskatchewan, then spent over 20 years working in various markets as a television reporter, producer and news videographer. Ben is particularly interested in scientific innovation, human-powered transportation, and the marine environment. Sign in to post a comment. Jon Smith April 8, Doug Way April 8, Seems to me that if you have 3 wheels it is a trike not a bike.

Too cool I wish that I had all the cash to purchase. What will the Captain come up with next? Definitely a road rocket.

Good for Nevada for those long straight roads. Al Taylor April 8, Even Bat Man wouldn't be caught dead in that thing, nor would I as it seems like a one-off of an old 3-wheeler design which are no longer sold for good reason. Dammit Nod, go back to commanding imaginary spaceships as you have little talent in the real world.

46 yr old wm looking for motorcycle rididng partner now I Am Searching Sex Dating

Don Widman April 9, These are the voyages of the Starship Self-indulgence, whose lifetime mission is to seek out ego aggrandizement. I love the look and the specs, but honestly can't see Mr. S making any long distance runs on one. But best of luck and more power to him! Lewis M.

Discover the camaraderie, networking and support of women w enjoy the sport of motorcycle riding. Check out these rides in planning your trip to Casper in July!. The year-old died on Saturday while competing in the Skerries in Co Dublin. William Dunlop's partner, Janine, and his mother, Louise, (centre) at death, had got back on his bike to ride in the cc race at the North West "I rode up here today just to let the family know that we are all. its first motorcycles, its inventor William S. Harley was 23 years old and his partner, and started the business in a fashion that many of today's success stories mirror. in it: “We ride with our customers and apply the connection in every market we American Management Association • 46 True Alignment.

Dickens III April 9, Isn't the B 58 more appropriate? They both would have problems with the polar moment of inertia. And where do you rest your feet? On the corner cafe dating site the Valve Covers? Great way to get a hot foot! R2 April 9, Delta trikes, especially rear-engined ones, are inherently light up front, hence qm and braking hampered.

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The first asteroid-dust covered corner Capt. Kirk encounters, or comet-iced hard stop and he'll rethink his scheme. A good prop for a movie, but not a practical vehicle. If he does hit something hard having the weight of the engine behind will make a firm impression on.

Spock would have logically disapproved. Jay Finke April 9, Thats a ugly ride BUT it kinda grows on ya, back in the day this would have been considered a beautiful ride. And it's not a daily commuter so any flaws are no big deal.

Mark Desade April 9, The limited ground clearance for the rear integrated bumper and housing will get damaged fast in the real world. Potholes, steep driveways or speed bumps will wreck havoc on it. Jim Sadler April 9, Suicide in my opinion. The kind of hp in a conventional trike format is not going to be very safe unless a great grandmother drives it at motorcyycle low speeds.

So why 46 yr old wm looking for motorcycle rididng partner now anyone naughty looking hot sex Quakertown hp in a basically unstable platform? As far as cornering ability goes please dial before you enter a turn as you will probably need an ambulance and a police report before you get through the turn.

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Latest Stories. Harley-Davidson is ivy singles dating electric balance bikes for 3-year-olds — no kidding. Top 25 most expensive motorcycles sold in Monterey Newron's curved-wood electric motorcycle design goes way out motofcycle. Triumph Rocket 3 sets new capacity standard for mass production motorcycles. Indian's BBQ motorcycle means you won't have to wait to enjoy your roadkill.

No motorcycles at Pikes Peak for The party might be. Curtiss goes for Harley's jugular with new 46 yr old wm looking for motorcycle rididng partner now Psyche — and a prospectus. Shea Nyquist's electric land ol motorcycle does 80 mph on 10 percent throttle in testing.

Seeking Nsa Sex 46 yr old wm looking for motorcycle rididng partner now

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