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The Zotrim "slimming pill" is a pretty common formula containing a blend of 3 herbs – damiana, guarana and mate.  

It is hidden from us exactly how much of each ingredient is included in the formula and it is displayed as a percentage of the formula, making it impossible to access the efficacy of this product. 


You should recognize that at least 2 of these 3 ingredients are commonplace in just about every fat burner on the market these days, so in other words, there's nothing really special about their place in this formula. 



However, advertisers like to make a big thing of these 3 South American herbs and their near mystical powers. zotrim image


A big deal is made about a "recent clinical study" validating Zotrim's effectiveness that indicated the combination of yerba mate, guarana and damiana delayed gastric emptying, and improved satiety (a feeling of fullness) in dieters. It is important to know about the study that: 


• Further studies are necessary to confirm these results, because it is preliminary, and not a complete validation of these ingredients 


• It may prove to be far too weak to elicit any fat burning response because it is performed on the raw ingredients included in the Zotrim formula, and not Zotrim itself 


One can't discount the fact that there is at least some real data validating the effects of Zotrim™, for many fat burners, even that does not exist. 


Guarana and yerba mate are both sources of caffeine and other xanthines (caffeine-related compounds) that may display both energizing and thermogenic (fat burning) properties, but it's hard to assess the efficacy of the formula when a full breakdown of ingredients is not provided. However, these are additional benefits to this formula. 


There is some hesitation about recommendation of the Zotrim slimming pills for this very reason. However, it is important to be heard an opinion from somebody who has used this product.