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Xtend Life



We have found Xtend life after doing intensive research and testing.  

Xtend life is one of the companies that we highly recommend. 


Xtend life meets all the requirements we mentioned in this important topic. 


All manufacturing is carried out in New Zealand.It sells Xtend life to customer in more than 32 countries. 

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Are you researching Xtend life that will? 


  •  Slow down the aging process? 


  •  Restore your sexual vigor? 


  •  Enhance your immune system? 


  •  Improve your sense of well being? 


  •  Lower your cholesterol to the right level? 


  •  Help you with brain troubles like migraine, headache, ADHD, depression, anxiety, memory loss? 


  •  Help you fight and win the struggle against the chronic degenerative diseases? 


We made the same research online and offline spending time and money, testing and re-testing, contacting multiple companies before finding them. 


A) What makes Xtend life so different of other manufacturers is the fact that it totally controls the manufacturing process through all stages while other vitamin supplements companies only contract or private label their products. 


B)Xtend life follows Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP)for pharmaceuticals.It follows similar guidelines as over-the-counter drugs companies.Ingredients used in the manufacturing process are only sourced from GMP registered,audited facilities,and submitted to rigorous tests. 


C) Value for the money: each bottle contains more ingredients in value than what you pay for. Let’s take an example: Each bottle of Total Balance contains 60,300 mgs of active ingredients. If you try to buy each ingredient individually, you would pay over twelve times the cost of Total Balance 


D) Xtend life also invests in research.Prof. Dr. Munem Daoud, one of the world most brilliant bio-scientists throughout the world has developed the first generation of Total Balance. Click here to learn more about the background of xtend life and read a brief summary of the credentials of Prof A. MUNEM. DAOUD. 


E) The company manufactures its products so that they synergistically interact with each other. You don't have to worry when combining two or more of them. In order to achieve optimal levels of antioxidants and vitamin supplements, you will most likely need to take several tablets daily. 


F) But always remember, this company present various categories to help you achieve what is best for your needs. If you have an excellent health and only want a good protocol for prevention against future diseases, I recommend you Total Balance and The Omega 3 / DHA fish oil esters. If you want specific products because you have specific problems, choose one of these protocols which are best convenient to your case. 


1.-Antiaging Protocol 


2.-Heart Attack / Stroke Prevention Protocol. 


3. - Depression / Stress Relief Protocol. 


4.-Sexual Enhancement Protocol for Women 


5.-Sexual Enhancement Protocol for Men 


6.-Immune Support Protocol. 


What makes Xtend life so different? 


1) The Xtend life used in their product is standardized extracts. 


2) The products are synergistic and are designed to work together for maximum results. 


3)All these Xtend life have excellent bio-availability. 


4) All raw ingredients have to be supported with a Certificate of analysis, which guarantees their potency and safety. They are tested for microbiological contamination. 


5) Convenience: Add any products to the other as needed. No need to worry about overdose. No need to purchase and take separate multi-vitamins, anti-oxidants, enzymes, amino acids, bioflavonoids, herbal extracts, etc. All these nutrients - - and more - - are present in each capsule. 


6) Guarantee: you can return within one year any unopened bottle to get a full refund. 


7) Thousands of custumers satisfied: all over the world, people have bought these products with satisfaction.The company has published a random selection of the hundreds of emails that it receives from customers each month. 


It gives you the opportunity to contact to verify the testimonies.Learn more about what real customers like you are telling about the efficiency of their products and the customer service related to this excellent vitamin company.