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Wu Long Tea Ingredients 



Which other name they should call wu long tea ingredients?  The other name of Wu long tea is Oolong tea and it is known as fantastic fat burner with great ingredients and benefits. 


Some web sites categorize it as the most powerful fat burner and put it on the market as a slimming tea. 


Let’s now scrutinize on the Wu long tea ingredients and search for a proof about these claims. 


Wu long tea ingredients differ from the black and the green tea because it is partially fermented. Green tea is not fermented at all, while black tea is fully fermented. 

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Recently the health effects of all the tea has been known in the press. Wu long tea ingredients contain half the EGGG of the green tea but is with higher polymerized polyphenols that contributes to the fat burning. The high dosage of epigallocatechin gallate or EGGG refers it as a powerful anti oxidant and cancer fighter. 


If you do a research about the tea in PubMed you will come up with more than a hundred studies performed with these teas or their main constituents and ingredients. 


The best health boosting benefits of the tea are in the green and oolong tea. But here we are interested in loosing weight. 


Some studies show that Wu long tea ingredients have the ability to elevate metabolism. Two of the studies are performed on humans and one on mice. One study shows increased levels of energy expenditure. 


It was performed on 11 Japan females and found out that the consumption of Wu long tea increased energy expenditure with ten percent. Green tea did that with only four percent. 


There is a trend toward weight loss but we should be careful when making conclusions because the study was performed on a very small group of participants. 


That is why such studies are not as valuable as those performed on large group of participants. 


Even though these studies are accurate, the final number of calories that you are going to burn is relatively small. It ranges between 100 and 200 depending on many factors. 


If you continue to eat too much then do not expect any help from Wu long tea ingredients or green tea. 


The overall benefits of both green tea and wu long tea ingredients are good and are valuable addition to any fat burner. They are good for their metabolism characteristics or being a glucose regulator. 


It is also wonderful supplement because of the powerful antioxidant and the cancer fighting abilities. 


For sure, we cannot recommend wu long tea ingredients as the most powerful fat burner in the world. It is a good supplement but 20 lbs in 20 days is not a possible solution.