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Do you want to have more information?  I will discuss here about the effects of vitamin overdose just because overdose is a major request between people who take well-balanced vitamin overdose regularly or are planning to take control of their life with vitamin supplements.  


As matter of fact anything that is too much in the body may have serious side effects 


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We are going to elaborate about the real problem of vitamin overdose. But before we do this, let me recommend to you these well-balanced antiaging vitamin supplements. These are: 


  •  Total Balance 
  •  Revitle 


  •  Ultra Antioxidantâ„¢ (60 capsules) 


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One of my belief is that we wouldn't have to get sick. Everything we need to be healthy is in the mother nature. I explained the medical evidence that demonstrate how effective vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other supplements are in preventing or slowing the aging and chronic degenerative process. 


I insisted on the fact that you must take them for a lifetime if you want to see spectacular results. I also related the fact that it's important to choose them free of toxic and uncontaminated. 


Let me tell you right away that everything can be toxic, everything. Let's take a good example: water. We need water every day, day after day. 70% of our body is water. We can live months without food but not without water. 


Nevertheless if your kidneys do not excrete the drinking water, you will have too much in your body. It will go into your lungs and you will die with acute oedema of the lung which is an urgency. We say that the patient is drowning in his own water. 


When taking correctly nutritional supplements are safe. Vitamin overdose doesn't happen. Vitamins and antioxidants aren't drugs. They are only nutrients we get from our foods. As at a higher level we can't get them from food and regular eating, we take them from nutritional supplements. 


On the other hand, pharmaceutical drugs may possess some clinical benefits in preventing some chronic degenerative diseases, but they create a risk to the patient. 


Did you know that medications cause over 100,000 deaths a year? Despite of the fact that medication is properly prescribed and administered, it stays the 4th leading cause of death in US! Did you know that? What about vitamin overdose? Nutritional supplements don't carry such dangers. 


Only a handful of death has been reported in the last several years related to toxicity and effects of vitamin overdose. And these patients died because they took many times the amount I recommended. Other patients (children) took accidental vitamin overdose. 


Nevertheless I want you to know that vitamins, antioxidants and other nutritional supplements like any substance on the face of the earth can be toxic if you take them in too very high amounts. To have specific information about each supplements and vitamin overdose, click here.