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Ultra 90 Fat Burner Reviews –Is Ultra 90 Good



The promotional material of Ultra 90 says that it actually does not improve and causes weight loss to your body.  


It just supports the body’s lean muscle tissue. 


Ultra 90 also supports the natural mechanism used by the body to burn the excess of sugars and fats more effectively. 


This fat burner is a natural protein and collagen formula that works as a nutrition supplement to the body to get rid of body fat and toxins naturally 



The more interesting question is how. Ultra 90 achieves results because there is no evidence that collagen protein formula has side effect on weight loss and body composition. The company was sued in Dec 2002 for making false and unsustainable claims to sell their product. ultra 90 image


Calored is a similar product had the same destiny as Body Solutions. They distributed the product through independent distributors, thus avoiding the retail market and the ire of the FDA. 


Calorad was listed as the Year’s "Worst" Weight Loss Products in 1999 in the Healthy Weight Journal. They said that the effects of the product are ridiculous and are not supported by any evidence. 


Finally, there are completely ridiculous evidences that are not grounded by any fact. Collagen proteins are low quality, incomplete proteins that do not do anything to support the body’s lean muscle tissue. It is also ineffective in burning excess fats and sugars. That is why you should not give your money for Ultra 90.