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Thermadrol is a fat burner sold exclusively online and from a 1-800 phone number. We always warn our visitors about supplements (for instance thermadrol) that are sold this way. 


About us, it’s a negative point to this fat burner. 


If you can’t find even one physical address where a product is sold, all you have is an interface to deal with and generally this type of purchase is highly risky. 


You don’t really know who you are dealing with. A human contact may be difficult to establish later. Free phone numbers can change without notice. Websites can shut down instantly. 


If you are dissatisfied with the weight loss supplement, it may become a challenge to return it and get your money back. Believe us, we know what we are talking about. thermadrol image


But it’s not the end. The most important problem linked with exclusive online order is recurrent billing. On message boards, reviews by many members share that their credit cards have been charged without their authorization. They have been immediately put on auto-ship service without their permission. 


To tell the truth, we haven’t already noticed such complaints about Thermadrol. 




Thermadrol Ingredients Review: 


Citrus aurantium 400 mg: the main active compound is synephrine, an appetite control and a mild stimulant supplement. Synephrine enhances caloric burning, energy levels and metabolic rate. 


Green tea Extract 600 mg: one of the most recognized weight loss ingredient. In fact, Green tea has been associated with many uses. It is also a very powerful antioxidant. Research has shown that this herb is about 200 times more powerful than vitamin E. 


5-HTP 5 mg: effective for weight loss treatment and obesity. It causes a reduction in appetite. 


Garcinia cambogia 420 mg: suppresses appetite and accelerates the weight loss process (about three times) when associated with a good diet program. 


L carnitine (150 mg), vitamin B12 (600 mcg) and vitamin B6 (30 mg), pantothenic acid (9mg) are good nutrients for energy. They haven’t shown specific weight loss properties. 


L-tyrosine 75 mg: by boosting thyroid action, it accelerates the body metabolism. 


Chromium picolinate (120 mcg) and Gymnema Sylvestre (225 mg) have both the ability to regulate blood sugar levels and help diminish the need for candies. 


Ginger root (45 mg), licorice root (30 mg) and cayenne powder (30 mg): help in the digestion process. Bioperine has probably been added in this formula as a booster for these nutrients. 




Does Thermadrol work? Can you experiment side effects if you take thermadrol? 


  •  At this time, no negative side effects have been found. 


  •  We consider as an exaggerated claim the fact that you will "lose 10 pounds of fat in 7 days" as promised by the vendor. It’s simply ridiculous. 


  •  Another warning sign: online purchase only. 


There are also good points: 


  •  This diet pill comes with calorie counter software and a gym membership. 


  •  Our review demonstrated irrefutable evidence: Thermadrol have the required ingredients to be a good tool in your weight loss battery. Other supplements contain these ingredients but at very low doses. It’s different for Thermadrol.