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Tetrazine really works!  This fact has been proven. In the world of weight loss product, it's very rare to see proof from a company. 


What they generally do is claiming how their product is good and can do everything the consumer is looking for. 


But you will not find a single human study. 


That's different with this formula. You can find their studies at: 


*Herrera-Pombo JL, Sastre A, Morejon E. Efficacy of normoscaloric diet in obesity treatment. International Journal of Obesity. 1996 May, 20 


Do you know why most of the makers of supplement do not provide proof and studies about their product? 


The reason is simple: research takes time, patience and money with the risk of confirming the formula has side effects or doesn't deliver. Companies do not want to spend money and conclude that a product worth nothing. 


If they do their job correctly, the may lose the money invest to create the product and also lose money invest in research. They don't want to take these risks. 


Back to Tetrazine 


Facts about this formula: tetrazine image


  •  Tetrazine combined a natural weight-loss and a metabolic-enhancing agent to help achieving the results. 


  •  34 published clinical studies support the claiming results of the formula. 


  •  People who take this formula can get results in less than four weeks. 


  •  This formula of tetrazine will help you get more energy, have more appetite control, increase your metabolic rate, and lose more weight right now. 


The science behind Tetrazine 


Research has proven effects of primary ingredients in this formula: Glucomannan. Studies have demonstrated the ability of this ingredient to lower LDL cholesterol and blood lipid levels and also regulate and lower blood sugar levels. 


Latest research have established that people who take 1 gram of glucomannan with 8 oz. of water one hour prior to meals will lose weight significantly ( about 6 pounds of fat in two months even if there is no changes in eating habits. 


But we want to advise you to take a high quality vitamin supplement  with this formula. Many Scientifics believe glucomannan may lower the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals. This has not been proven but it's possible. 


Why is glucomannan so effective for weight loss? 


The answer is simple: this ingredient is essentially made of fiber. And adequate intake of fiber is a key to good health. Medical literature confirm that fiber can lower and regulate blood sugar levels, improve digestive health, lower the risk of colon cancer, increase satiety, lower cholesterol and have great and significant effect on weight loss. 


So the first benefit of using Tetrazine is to increase your intake of fiber. Studies show that an average person generally take only 15 grams of fiber daily , 40% less than the 25 grams recommended. 


And with fiber, comes all the positive effects we talk above. Including weight loss. 


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