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Tetrazene works! It’s the least we can say about this product.  If you have seen our review of other weight loss supplements, you know we don’t really like to endorse products without proof. 


In the supplementation world, there are a lot of supplement makers claiming results without even a single human study. That’s not the case for Tetrazene. 


The reference for the study on this product can be found at: 


"Herrera-Pombo JL, Sastre A, Morejon E. Efficacy of normoscaloric diet in obesity treatment. International Journal of Obesity. 1996 May, 20(supplement 4):60(abstract 03-135 WP1)." 


What does this product do? tetrazene image


If we consider the maker’s claim, this formula will: 


  •  Help you burn more calories by increasing your metabolic rate. 
  •  Increase your energy levels 
  •  Reduce your cholesterol Levels 
  •  Help your body burn more fat by increasing the concentration of Norepinephrine. 
  •  Help reduce your appetite 


Can this formula really do this? 


To answer this question, let’s analyzing the ingredients in Tetrazene: 


1)Glucomannan: the main ingredient in this formula. Glucomannan has the ability to lower blood lipid levels and LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol).It also can regulate blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that people who take 1g of glucomannan with water before meals will experience significant weight loss. 


I have to confess the effects of glucomannan are not surprising. In fact, glucomannan is a source of dietary fiber. Taking fiber regularly is a fundamental of good eating habits and a critical element of good health. High fiber diets provide significantly reduced risks of cardiovascular disease, cancer and many other illnesses. 


Fiber have also demonstrates ability to lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar levels. Fiber containing in glucomannan may also treat constipation, protect against obesity and reduce their risk of colorectal cancer by more than 30%. 


My answer to the questions above is yes. Tetrazene can really help with weight loss and improve your health. 


When you take it (I guess any other good fiber will have the same effect), you will certainly fell fuller faster and stay longer without the need of eating. You will simply eat less and the result is achieving your goal of losing weight. 


But do not think you can increase your intake of calories while taking this formula. In this case, taking Tetrazene will not help you much. Remember the fundamental of diet: take less calories than you burn. It’s so simple. And Tetrazene can help you.