Vitamin Supplement




Suvaril i s well-known between families and households particularly in the United States. 

It is promoted online as well as on TV and other mass media. 


This type of promotion tends to give credibility to this weight loss pill. Suvaril is not presented as a miracle supplement. 


As you know, manufacturers of diet pills would not hesitate to claims that their product is able to help you loss 30 lbs in one week, if it’s what you need to hear to make a purchase decision. Instead of doing it this way, this supplement’s maker promises long term results. 


But when you analyze deeply the product and the website, when you look closer, you will realize rapidly that you must remove most of that credibility. Why? suvaril image


  •  Ingredients: most of them are vitamins 
  •  Bad customer service 
  •  No clinical studies to support the claims 
  •  Product sold online only. 


Let’s explain now of Suvaril: 




Suvaril contains: vitamins (lipid as well as water soluble) like A, B, C, D and E, chromium, green tea extract, calcium and other ingredients. 


Vitamins A, C, D, E can be found in any multiviyamin. They are not specific for weight loss. B vitamins can lower cholesterol levels and regulate glucose levels but not at much higher doses. 


Chromium: works with insulin and helps the body regulate blood sugar levels. It also plays a role in lowering cholesterol. Latest research suggest that 200mcg per day of chromium may lower total cholesterol. Suvaril contains only 100 mcg per serving. 


Calcium: supports bone health, regulates the transmission of nerve impulses and reduces PMS symptoms. There are many other properties of calcium but none is linked to weight loss. 


Banana leaf extract: has weight loss properties. But the question is: how much of this ingredient is included in the formula? We don’t have any answer to this question. 


Green Tea Extract: reduces cholesterol levels, protects against oxidative damage to tissue and red blood cells, supports cardiovascular health, increases metabolic rate and help lose weight. 


Bad customer service: Use the phone number on the website and try to call the company. You will realize it’s a patience game to contact them. This is the first sign of a bad customer service. 


Clinical studies: 


I have visited the websites and looked for clinical studies that can validate claims. There are none. Not even a single one. Only testimonials can be found. You will agree with me that they can’t be considered as proofs. 


One purchase option: Online 


The product is represented on 2 official websites: and They are quite identical but differ slightly by: 


1) Phone number 

2) is the only site you can use to order online. People who find will have to order by phone. 


Have you already tried to buy this formula offline? At the time of writing this information, it’s virtually impossible to find it in physical stores. 


Our conclusion: 


Considering all the analysis above, we don’t recommend to take this formula for weight loss. It will cost a lot: 45 to 90 USD for one month supply. 


Personally, I would prefer investigate before ordering or look for other alternative. However, we really would like to hear about your own experience if you have taken Suvaril.