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Stimerex is advertised as America’s Strongest Energizer bought without prescription.  


But there is nothing more than the advertisement. 


We could surely state that the early version of Stimerex are quite powerful and each packet can include 24 mg of ephedra per serving. 


Ephedra is not legal in U.S. these days. 


This was imposed by Judge Tena Campbell of the US District Court in Salt Lake City Utah in April 2005. 


This rule limited its use to be included in the weight supplements to 10 mg/dose. stimerex image



The FDA appealed the decision and the decision was changed by the US Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver. FDA was correct in their decisions and gathered the necessary proof to ban ephedra. 


Finally, Stimerex does not contain ephedra and the natural question is what makes Stimerex "America’s Strongest Energizer". The first ingredient is Citrus Aurantium. 


This is a component close to ephedra and is used in most fat burners. There are many studies based on the animal studies and the human-based studies were not very interesting. 


Results lacked methodological flaws or combination of ingredients. It is not possible to contribute results to any specific ingredient. 


The next ingredient in Stimerex is leaf extract of Acacia. You can find many kinds of acacia and it is not known which one was used in the formula. One study conducted by PubMed show that acacia has no effect on weight loss. 


In some acacia species there is found psychoactive alkaloids for worse. This alkaloid dimethyltryptamine is similar to serotonin, a neurotransmitter but is not active when taken orally. 


The third Stimerex's ingredient is cocoa extract of Theobroma.Its main ingredient, theobromide has been derived from caffeine .Stimerex has stimulating and mild weight loss effect but it is not quite much effective. 


The fourth ingredient in Stimerex is green tea. This is precious element in every fat burner. Besides the many good features it also elevates metabolism. 


The fifth ingredient is natingen. This is a citrus flavonoid that can be found in grapefruit for example. This was used to prolong the effect on the other formulas. 


The sixth ingredient is Phenylethlamine. This ingredient is found in chocolate. It releases dopamine that stimulates the pleasure center of the brain. This adds the good feeling of the substance. 


3-dimethyl aminoethanol bitartrate is also an ingredient and this is added for the positive effect of the mood and the well-being. 


The next ingredient in Stimerex pill is Yohimbe. The extract of the African Yohimbe is used as a natural aphrodisiac. Stimerex is also sold as a drug in the US. It is called Yohimbex and contains 5.4 milligrams of yohimbe hydrochloride in each tablet. 


It cures impotency, dilate the pupil of the eye and stimulate fat loss. It can also cause unpredictable effects on fat loss and should be taken with care. 


The US Food and Drug Administration states in Yohimbe there are many pharmacologically active chemicals. It is used in many body building products that enhance the male performance. 


There are some products containing Yohimbe that have serious side effects like renal failure, seizures and death. 


The last ingredient is Caffeine. It is a common compound found in most fat burners. Some studies show that the combination of caffeine and green tea has amazing slimming effect. 


We should be very careful when reading about the product because there are no scientific facts. But it is quite common for the slimming products to exaggerate their results. 


Many of the products hide their ingredients because of a "proprietary bland" and thus making it difficult to see whether there are enough good compounds in it. 


That is why it is difficult to justify the strongest energizer in America. These are the reasons that make Stimerex hard to recommend.