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Smartburn is the new product of Iovate which guarantees a rapid weight loss.  Smartburn controls your appetite, manages everyday stress, gives you a sense of relaxation and supports not only your physical but also your mental well-being. 


Thus, Smartburn is the perfect solution for women looking for a weigh-loss pill. 


Smartburn might be one of the many fat burners available on the market today but this review will give light to its ingredients and side effects. 


After thorough research I found it hard to get much information about its compounds. The formula is obviously protected by propriety rights. smartburn image


However, as far as it is knows, the magic of Smartburn pill lies on the following ingredients: 


Astaxanthin - It is known to work effectively as an antioxidant but there is no scientific data that it contributes to weight loss. 


Garcinia cambogia extract - Even though this particular ingredient has been used in many fat burners its effect on weight loss has not been scientifically proved. 


Gymnema sylvestre extract - It is an herb which reduces sugar cravings, apart from that it prevents from absorption of sugar. 


Hoodia gordonii - It is one of the most famous natural substances known for its great aphrodisiac quality and moreover, it takes the appetite away. 


Rhodiola rosea extract (roseroot) - Roseroot is a traditional folk medicine which increases physical endurance, work productivity and resistance to high altitude sickness. 


Rhodiola rosea extract is supposed to treat depression, anemia, impotence, infections and nervous system disorders. Roseroot is traditionally given to young couples in Siberia before they get married where it is believed to enhance fertility. 


Bottom line of Smartburn: 


Finally, there is plenty of evidence that Smartburn pill contains healthy ingredients but there are hardly any readers who seek the opinion of specialists as far as supplements and reviews of new products are concerned. 


The majority of people with overweight issues have never kept any diet different than constant over-eating. Eating more that your body requires brings you health problems and fat. For example, if you need 2500 calories a day to maintain your weight, you should make sure you give your body less than that in order to lose weight. 


Smart burn pill is just the perfect solution for those who need some help with sticking to their new diet. Smartburn just makes it easier for you not to give it up. However, it should be considered that fat burners help only when they are combined with proper diet and exercise regime.