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SlimQuick  Has been promoted as the world's first highly developed fat burner created expressly for the female's body. 


This dietary supplement claims to be the fruit of practically 10 years of investigation on weight loss and fat. 

This diet pill manufacturer believe it to be "scientifically engineered" to help women in their need to become Slimquick and losing fat. 


Can Slimquick really speed up the weight loss progression in the female body? Does Slimquick work and deliver as promised? What harmful side effects and benefits come with the use of these diet pills? 


Only objective reviews can help us elucidate these questions. slimquick imahe


The company specifies that its fat burner pill works when used in conjunction with the exercise and diet program created exclusively for this reason. When you buy SlimQuick, you get a copy of this program to ensure you know perfectly what type of foods, aerobics and cardiovascular exercise will assist you to get the most from your diet Slimquick. 


Review of Slimquick ingredients: 


1) Vitamin & mineral blend: 


  •  Calcium: 150 mg 
  •  Vitamin B12: 12 mcg 
  •  Folic Acid: 200 mcg 
  •  Vitamin B-6:4 mg 
  •  Vitamin D: 200 UI 


The minerals and vitamins above play an essential role in women metabolism and health. 


2) Nutratherm Thermogenic Complex (575 mg) composed of: 


  •  Clary sage 


  •  Green tea extract is an incredibly fat burner with powerful antioxidant properties. The thermogenic contains micronized green tea leaf extract standardized for 294 mg of total polychenols, 210 mg of total catechins and 150 mg of epigallocathechins ( EGCG). A review of green tea is available here. 


  •  Caffeine: when combined to green tea extract becomes a real booster for people looking to lose weight. This combination is really powerful and is used nowadays by many diet pills manufacturers particularly after the Foods and drug Administration (FDA) has banned ephedra based weight loss products. 


  •  Yerba mate extracts that also contain caffeine 


  •  Cocoa bean (Theobroma cacao) standardized for 10% theobromine 10 mg. 


3) Estrotrim Hormone Balancing Complex 55 mg composed of: 


  •  Soy isoflavones: helps in the treatment of menopause symptoms and have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health. 


  • Vitex agnus-castus (also known as chasteberry): is used for women’s health and has a progesterone-like capacity. It is also effective for many female complaints. 


4) Cortifem (Stress reducing Complex) 50 mg composed of: 


  •  Beta-sisterol: acts in the prevention and the treatment of elevated cholesterol levels. It reduces cholesterol absorption in the gut. Betasitosterol increases HDL (Good cholesterol) while decreasing LDL (bad cholesterol). 


  •  Phosphatidylserine: good for older with depressive disorders. It also improves learning, concentration and memory. 


  •  Rhodiola rosea root extract: same properties as Phosphatidylserine . 


  •  Theanine: an amino acid found in green tea. 


5) Aquaplex Water Removal Complex 40 mg consisted of: 


  •  French maritime pine extract. 


  •  Dandelion leaf and root: help replenish the body with potassium. It has diuretic properties and has proven its efficiency in the treatment of jaundice and gallstones. 


  •  Horse tail extract: has a mild diuretic property. 


  •  Uva Ursi extract: promotes urinary tract and kidney health. 


6) Xtend Absorption and Time released Complex 15mg made of: 


  •  Piper nigum(fruit) and Cellulose ethers that both have the capacity to enhance the efficiency of the ingredients above within the woman body. 


Bottom line of Slimquick: 

Is SlimQuick a recommended fat burner for women? 


There isn’t absolute answer to this question of Slimquick. Let’s analyze the pros and cons: 



  •  No clinical studies are available to confirm the claims on the official website. 
  •  If you review the blend and complex, you will notice how low the amounts of active ingredients are! 



  •  Despite of these negative observations, people in the weight loss forums don’t generally post complaints and say positive things about this diet Slimquick. This mean people have positive results and don’t encounter any harmful or side effects. 


  •  The weight loss formula comes with an exercise program designed to use specially with it. About me, this is a plus. And most importantly people become slim while using SlimQuick.