Vitamin Supplement




What do you know about Seaveg?  Can it deliver what's missing in your salad? 

The fundamental problem nowadays is nutrition. Time has really changed where our grand-parents could get what their body needs from their diet that has included fruits, vegetables. 


Yes time has passed. And nowadys, our soil is poor in nutrition. In many countries, rain, winds and erosion have taken resources from the land and have put them into the sea. seaveg image


Time has passed. Our economy is an industrial one. All we eat is freeze-dried and pre-packaged foods. 

What does Seaveg do? How does it help your health? 


This dietary supplement is made of sea plants that comes from the coast of Ireland. You will understand that seaveg delivers tremendous anti-oxidants, lipids, organic minerals, omega 3's and 6's, flavenoids, antibiotic and antiviral protection to your body. 


The role of seaveg is to provide multiple minerals and nutrients you can't get from foods. Essentially you will get 2 nutrients: Kelp and Fucoidan. 


When you take Kelp, it will help you to lose weight, reduce enlarged thyroid glands with its iodine and lowering cholesterol. 


When you take Fucoidan, it will fight allergy, relieve stomach upset. It also has many antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties. If you want to know more about fucoidan, click here