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Satise is a diet pill sold on the weight loss pill market in Canada and Satise states to promote weight loss by increasing satiety and decreasing hunger.  


The advertisement recommends that eat less and you will lose weight. 


You should intake 1 capsule 60 minutes prior to the main meals. 


This is enough to decrease the intake of food and calorie consumption. 



It is possible to eat less but if you eat low-fiber and high calories meals you will still be consuming more calories than needed and you will not lose weight but might not gain it that rapidly. satise image


No matter of the merits of the product, the simplified approach to weight loss is extremely unsound. We all know that advertising is misleading and not perfect. Let’s now make a research about the Satise. 


Satise contains a protein inhibitor that is isolated from the common potato. It is known to increase the beneficial effects of CKK (cholecystokinin) a certain enteric hormone. This is not a fiber supplement. 


CCK is effective in short term reduction of food intake and increases the feeling of fullness. 


It is inquisitive to know how the magic potato extract increase the effects of CCK. This is done by certain enzymes which job is to break down and less enzymes to equal more CCK. If there is more cholecystokinin, there will be less desire to eat and more satiety. 


The clinical data that researches the potato-derived protein on CKK is scanty and the good theory is not proven. Satise and other products like it are a bit unclear until more research is done to validate the effectiveness of the potato protein.