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Ripped Fuel fat burner  I presume many of you recall the original TwinLab's fat burning agent called Ripped Fuel (fat burner). 


It turned out to be a highly successful product as it gained many fans. 


In my opinion the main ingredient which made Ripped Fuel so popular was the ephedra. 


There are people who still take pity on the day when the US laws made the ephedra illegal. 


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Even though the original Ripped Fuel fat burner had a positive effect - it made people happy, it is banned today because of the ephedra. 


Thus, TwinLab later on released a new product on the market - an ephedra-free version of Ripped Fuel. To be completely honest, I am not sure if the new version is able to satisfy the consumers and have similar effects as the original one. 


The question is whether the ephedra-free version of the diet pill Ripped Fuel is a fat burner worth buying or not. When it all comes to weight loss/ fat burning agents is the new version of it reliable? Does it work? What are the negative and side effects? 


The only way to make sure we get the right answers to the above-mentioned questions we have to review the new Ripped Fuel. Its ingredients are as follows: 


Citrus aurantium - It is also famous with the names bitter orange, synephrine, and citrus aurantium. Despite its many names, I wasn't able to find much evidence that citrus aurantum has real weigh loss and fat burning properties. 


It looks like it still has a lot to prove. However, as ephedra is now illegal in many countries, producers replace it in fat burner with bitter orange. What is really great about citrus aurantum is that it has similar effects on the body as caffeine but it doesn't have its side effects. 


St. John's Wort - This ingredient is often used as a natural alternative to prescription antidepressants. Having proven its effectiveness, St. John's Wort is quite a popular natural source. However, even though it undoubtedly has positive effect on human body, there is no evidence it helps losing weight. For more details about St. John's Wort you can search the net. 


Guarana seed extract - The guarana seed extract is used in many fat burning pills because the plant itself (growing in Brazil and Uruguay) contains caffeine. It is scientifically proved that caffeine is a very potent weight loss agent. Its main function is to encourage the cells to release fat into the bloodstream for fuel and thus how the body actually starts burning fat. 


It might be interesting to mention that the new version of Ripped Fuel containing the combination of the above-mentioned ingredients was not originally created by TwinLab. 


Back in the 1999 there was a study pointing out the positive effects on weight loss of the combination of bitter orange, St. John's Wort and Guarana. This is how the makers of Ripped Fuel fat burner decided to use this combination after they had to make a new ephedra-free version of their popular fat burner. 


Apart from the ingredients we have already discussed, Ripped Fuel also contains the following: phenylalanine, coleus forskohilii, green tea extract, citrus bioflavonoids, ginger root, yohimbe bark, and cayenne. 


Despite the fact that these ingredients are at smaller dosages, Ripped Fuel's effectiveness is due to them, too. 


Finally, if we were to answer the question if the ephedra-free version of Ripped Fuel is worth your money, we would have to say that unfortunately there is not enough scientific data proving the effectiveness of the fat burner. 


From my previous experience I could add that similar fat burners I have tried were not effective. That's one of the reasons why I couldn't recommend taking Ripped Fuel or any other similar weight loss medicines. 


Frankly, I am quite convinced that the only way to lose weight with Ripped Fuel is if you combine its serving with a calorie-reduced diet and a proper exercise program. 


What really makes all the difference is to try and change your eating habits and change your lifestyle. Unless you do that, no fat burner would help you lose weight. Start with a diet and some exercises, start taking fat burners and you might see positive results. 


In conclusion, Ripped Fuel might not be a bad product but if you compare it with the old ephedra-based version it is not worth buying. However, this is my personal opinion. If you would like to give the new Ripped Fuel fat burner a shot, share your impressions of the product with me and I would be happy if it turns out to be more effective that I thought.