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Rev XP



Rev XP is declared the strongest formula ever released by NxCare.  This diet pill is supposed to have a unique new "targeted 6-pack" technology making Rev XP fat burner a really effective fat burner. 


Despite that, I was not able to find any scientific data proving this. 


Consequently, I have some doubts how effective Rev XP could be as weight loss pill. 



What I have absolutely no doubts about is that people who are sensitive to caffeine would be ill-advised to take this diet pill. It contains so much caffeine that would make anyone jitter. Rev XP just doesn't seem the great product its producers claim it to be. rev xp image


The best way to find out if Rev XP is effective weight loss pill we have to review its ingredients. Rev XP contains the following: 


Green tea - this is a compound in many fat burners. Green tea is probably the most famous ingredient used in all kinds of fat burners available on the market these days. Green tea is an ingredient which is highly effective as far as losing weight is concerned. Of course, this is also scientifically proven. 


In case you are willing to find more information about green tea's properties, try the internet and you will find many reviews of this natural source. If you are considering taking Rev XP you should know that a single dose contains as much caffeine as 2.5 cups of coffee. 


Caffeine - This is an ingredient which is a potent fat burner itself but the combination with green tea is not less effective, either. Such combinations of caffeine and green tea are the main compounds on many weight loss agents. However, it is still interesting to point out that a single dose of Rev XP contains 350 mg which is equal to caffeine from 3 cups of coffee. 


Cocoa bean extract - This compound is also known as theobromide. As it is a derivative of caffeine, it has also has some stimulating effects, though its fat burning properties have not been validated yet. 


Yerba mate - Rev XP's formula is based on this natural source, as well. Yerba mate's properties are well-known to have stimulating effects for the reason that it caffeine and other xanthenes common to coffee. 


Dandelion root extract - This is an ingredient which main function is to work as a diuretic. For further details of this compound you can search the internet. 


The patented 6-ingredient blend - It contains the following 6 ingredients: 

  •  4-Hydroxyisoleucine - it helps insulin function 
  •  Ginseng - an ingredient used in many fat burner agents 
  •  Caffeine 
  • Piper Nigrum - This compound is also known as black pepper. Even though it might not have any special weight loss effects, it improves the overall efficiency of the formula 
  •  Clary Sage Extract - It is supposed to increase the speed of the intercellular processes in the human body 
  •  Amentoflavone - It is derived from ginko biloba and is health effective. Please note that this is the U.S formula version. In Canada the list of the ingredients included is slightly different. 


In conclusion, Rev XP is a weight loss pill which has not yet passed the test of time. In my opinion its potency is doubtful and it contains too much caffeine. Thus, everyone who is sensitive to caffeine should not take this fat burner agent. What's more, even people who don't have problems with taking large quantities of caffeine are advised to start with the smallest possible dose of Rev XP. 


Even though the combination of green tea and caffeine is known to work effectively, you could never start losing weight unless you keep a proper diet and have exercise regime.