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The fundamental question is: Does Remedilean work as well as the maker and marketers are claiming?  


If you are reading this information, you probably have already heard about this weight loss supplement. 


RemedicHealth is the official web site of the product. They consider, Remedilean™ as 


"... The most innovative weight loss product on the market today. Remedilean™ is a unique weight loss aid that combines the latest appetite suppressing ingredients with the highest quality fat burning ingredients." 


And also "Remedilean™ is a thermogenic weight loss aid that contains ingredients that have been clinically shown to increase your metabolism, which ultimately helps your body burn more fat." remedilean image


The only way to verify this statement is to analyze the ingredients in the formula: 


  • Advantra Z 300 mg: Also known as citrus uranium. In the weight loss industry, people tend to use it as a replacement of ephedrine. But there is not convincing published studies about the effectiveness of this product. 


  • Hoodia Gordonii 3000 mg: As I revealed here while reviewing this ingredients, it fouls the brain letting it believed there is enough energy (blood sugar) and eliminate the need for eating. By doing this, hoodia gordinii shuts down the hunger mechanism. If you want to review Hoodia Gordinii, click here 


  •  Chromium iodinate 120 mcg: a vital part of the body's natural mechanism for controlling blood sugar levels. It plays a role in regulating blood cholesterol levels and has also been used in the treatment of diabetes and hypoglycemia. 


Other studies suggest that chromium helps fight glaucoma and supports a healthy vision. Latest studies showed that this ingredient may help increase lean body mass while decreasing body fat. Click here to learn more  


  •  Green tea 540 mg: It has many antioxidant properties, supports cardiovascular health, reduces cholesterol levels, helps people in lowering their risk of atherosclerosis and maintains healthy blood flow through the cardiovascular system. 


This supplement also has the ability to reduce the risk of certain kinds of cancer particularly breast cancer cells in pre- and post-menopausal women by boosting the immune system. 


One of the benefits of green tea is its ability to enhance the body's thermogenic activity and increase the rate at which the body breaks down fat. It's a very powerful weight loss ingredient. A full review of green tea is available here  


  •  Glucomannan 150 mg: an ingredient that really helps losing weight. Glucomannan is essentially a fiber supplement which will fill you up rapidly and suppresses your appetite. Studies have shown glucomannan helps reduce blood glucose levels in individual with type 2 diabetes and lower cholesterol levels. 


  •  Metabromine 300 mg: a remedilean derived of caffeine. Its weight loss effect has not been proven. 


  •  L carnitine 60 mg: It improves the immune system, lowers "bad," or LDL, cholesterol levels while raising HDL "good" cholesterol levels. 


Bottom line on remedilean? 


 Remedilean™ may be demonstrated to be a good formula. Many of its ingredients have positive effects on weight loss. If we consider the properties of green tea, hoodia gordinii, glucomannan, we would recommend it. 


But at this time we don't have enough customer reviews to clearly endorse Remedilean™.