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Relecore Review - Does Relecore Work?


Have you already heard about Relecore?Relecore is a weight loss pill mainly known as a natural "feel good pill".The reality is that many people have used this product and very few testimonials agree on the weight loss effect of realacore.

Why has relecore been so deceptive for many?

Why this product may not deliver as promise?

The human body is a very complex organism that result of biological and chemical reactions.There are laws that govern these reactions.

The main problem is with the fact that the manufacturer of this supplement consider that weight loss is the result of stress.They said: relecore image

"Excess weight gain is not your fault:stress is the likely cause of obesity and stubborn belly fat."

How great it sounds to your ear!Now we all can eat what we want because our food has nothing to do to our obesity.

Based on this belief ,relecore manufacturer has used magnolia bark extract as the main ingredient of the product.

Bottom line?

Things are not so simple.Reality is different.What you eat is the main cause of your weight.

It's clear that stress is linked to cortisol.And excess cortisol levels may cause excess fat deposition and weight gain.

But you can't ignore the main obesity factor for most of people:

Lack of exercise

Types of foods they eat.

So the failure of Relicor was predictible.
Of course if your weight loss is linked to stress,it's possible to have some results.But generally this is not the case.

if you take a look at realacore reviews on sites like,you will see the the majority of customer who bought relecore have been unsatisfied.Will you be the next?

You are probably asking if a weight loss product exists.My answer is yes.

If you want a supplement that will help with your obesity,it's better to try Lipitrex

But there is a catch:you must DO Exercise while taking Lipitrex.


Because weight loss pills are not miracle pills.What they do is to accelerate the process of losing weight.And it's the function of Lipitrex