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Relacore was once projected as one of the wonder drugs for the reduction of the belly fat.  


It is the product of the Carter Reed Company, USA. 


As many other health stimulators, this weight loss pill also came to the market with notorious advertisements. 


Relacore was a diet pill, which was introduced with many attractive offers, to deplete the excessive fat in ladies above 30 years. 


Everybody wants to maintain their shape and figure to retain the young look and as the modern world is after colorful statements, Relacore was able to become a big hit in the market. relacore image


However, the detailed analysis about the ingredients and its possible effects in the human body are analyzed in the reviews. 


According to the manufacturer Carter Reed Company, their relacore is a natural mood elevating pill, which is potent to reduce the stubborn belly fat naturally. They claim that the ingredients in this wonder relacore can reduce cortisol, the stress hormone. 


The company explains its action process in connection with cortisol. They say that the belly fat is caused because of the rise of the cortisol in body, and any measure to reduce the cortisol can effectively control the belly fat and attributes a wonderful waist line. 


The company argues its supplement is a non-sedating, mild anti-anxiety mood enhancer, and as it is directly influence on mood swings, it can control the production of cortisol. 


To assert their statements, they quote certain government research studies as the supporting evidence for their claims. However, in the new advertisements of 2006, Carter Reed Company has reduced its arguments and presents the diet pill as a ‘feel-good pill’, which can ‘reduce stress’. 


The sincere reviews about relacore focused to find out the information about how its effects to the body. The scientific studies were reviewed and it revealed that the pill must be considered as an herbal supplements. 


The main ingredients of Relacore are magnolia bark and Passion Flower extract. It is a fact that honikol content in the Magnolia and other ingredients are effective to impart calmness to mind and reduce the stress, but no evidence that they do weight loss. 


Relacore can be thus reviewed as a diet pill, which can reduce the mental stress. But, the ingredients of the composition have not yet proved effective to reduce weight directly. 


The weight gain is not attributed only because of the stress but also because of lifestyle habits such as fat rich diet, low exercise and other health issues such as hormonal changes. 


The reduction of the stress alone cannot attribute weight loss. Hence, reviews cannot suggest this weight loss pill as an effective fat burner, but relacore can reduce the stress of the mind, which may in turn relax the mind and provide a sound body. 


Bottom line: 


Personally, I would prefer save my hard-earned money and try another effective weight loss supplement like Lipitrex.