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Provactin is "As Seen On TV" weight loss pill. The maker of this diet supplement marketed it as a good alternative to individuals who have problems to tolerate fat burners with stimulants as main ingredients.  


Straight from the horse's mouth are some claims. 


One says that probation is a "revolutionary new stimulant-free diet pill formula created specifically for individuals who, for health reasons, can't use stimulant-based products or are sensitive to stimulants. 


ProVactin seem to help people achieve sustained loss of excess body weight, an important energy increase and a significant reduction in diet-induced fatigue. provactin image



This may seems really good to read and hear but warning red flags when reviewed several of the web sites claiming Provactin's effectiveness. 


In fact, you may find many reasons to stay away from Provactin supplement: 


  •  The first reason is: provactin is a product sold on radio and TV. When this happens, there is a huge and more possibility of fraud than other supplements sold in stores. The main reason is it is so easy for supplement manufacturers to isolate themselves from their clients and avoid any post purchase troubles when they market and sell their supplements this way. 


Just recently, the Federal Trade Commission moved against the manufacturers of Propolene/FiberSlim and charge them for making unsubstantiated and false claims. Like you probably know, these weight loss pills are two products of many that are sold primarily via TV and radio. Another diet pill that is under the fire of the FTC is Cortislim. We save you from the details. But remember to be wary when buying weight loss pill especially "As Seen On TV" provactin. 


Always avoid purchasing such products only because of their money-back guarantee -- you are at risk to not get your money back. There is even the possibility to be added on a monthly regular recurring billing program even if you have not made such a request. 


  •  In the dozen or so Web sites, visited to research Provactin, it could not be found a single one that listed the ingredients of the product. 


In fact, after performing a number of extensive searches on Google for the elusive ingredients with no luck, it is necessary to give up, which is always a bad sign. If a distributor or retailer chooses to actively hide its products' ingredients, you have to assume that: 


a) It doesn't contain anything of value 

Or... b) they are worried what somebody is going to say about their product! 


Do not buy the argument that they are protecting their proprietary formula. By law, the ingredients have to be included on the product label. Since anyone who buys this product will have access to this information, why not be up front and make it available to everyone? 


3) No proof: It's clear that Provactin has not proven to do anything to weight loss. The fact is most of the materials used for promotion consists of references to many clinical studies. But we're not told which clinical study it is, and in which publication it appeared. So there's no way to verify this claim. And in this business, unverifiable claims are not worth a hill of beans. 


4) The most effective fat burners - whether they are prescription based like phentermine or ionamin, or over-the-counter like green tea or ephedra are stimulants. One of the most common approaches is to increase the metabolism rate with the use of a stimulant to promoting weight loss. Nowadays, a stimulant free ingredient doesn't exist (by prescription or Otc), that can help achieve the noticeable results promised by Provactin. 


What about the bottom line? 


From the feedback, received from hundreds of consumers who have experimented with similar "As seen On TV" fat burners, it is highly recommended you avoid this product. It's just not worth risk.