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You can find Phytonutrients in many foods and they have benefits for adults as well as children.

To clearly define what Phytonutrients are,let's say they are the elements in fruits which give them color,flavors and smells.

Phytonutrients sources:

They are in a lot of fruits like tomatoes, red onions, spinach, raspberries, and more. You may also find them in grains and seeds.

Phytonutrients have tremendous benefits. Not the same in vitamins you generally buy in stores. There is a huge difference.phytonutrients image

Let's understand together the difference. Before you must remember how the average vitamins have been manufactured and why they lose their potential during their manufacturing process.

To produce vitamins, manufacturers generally split a food into its separate nutritional components.The results: even if they recombined these nutrients, they have already lost their properties.They are no more nutrients, they have become chemicals.

The main problem is that the body knows the composition before the foods have been fractionnned.It has been programmed to use this product to solve many troubles in the organism.

Let's take an example: have you already heard about carotenoids?

Yes? This term describes hundreds of carotenes you will get naturally from foods.Between these carotenes, you have betacarotene.What is best? Take the single betacarotene? Or take all these carotenes together?

Do you know that taking the Single beta carotene may increase the risk of lung cancer for smokers? But carotenoids don't. In fact, you eat carotenoids each time you eat carrots, by example.

Do you see the difference?

If you spend all your money on taking fractioned pills, be prepared to not achieve what you are expecting, I mean healthy lifestyle.

The second difference between Phytonutrients and other supplements is the price.Phytonutrient will cost more but it will deliver what you need.

Other vitamins will cost Pennys but they will deliver what they have to (health troubles) but not what you are expecting. As you know cheaper thing cost a fortune

I encourage you from today to be careful about what you buy.Get phytonutrients to slow down the aging process and avoid many other health benefits.

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