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PatentLean contains only one ingredient -3-Acetyl-7-Oxo-Dehydroepiandrosterone, or 7-Keto for short, and cab be easily reviewed as a fat burner.  


A metabolite of DHEA, 7-keto, is a steroid hormone that occurs naturally in the body and produced in the adrenal glands. 


It exhibits no apparent side effects and does not convert into to testosterone or estrogen, and has no effect on the sex hormones. 


It is promising that its positive effect on thyroid hormone levels without any adverse effects of any kind. 



Diet supplements revealed where the control group lost 0.57% of their bodyweight, and the group on 7-keto lost 1.8% - about 6 lbs on average. patentlean image


This is in quoting a recent study in his superb. Will Brink says 7-keto is a potentially a very good weight loss supplement, and worthwhile to experiment with it nowadays, he also emphasizes the safety of this product. 


More researches and studies must be completed to clearly demonstrate the ability of 7-keto's as a fat burning ingredient. At this point, only a few small studies have been performed, and it is unsafe to recommend PatentLean enthusiastically. However, the promising beginning aside, these are clearly early days for 7-keto. 


PatentLean is a fairly expensive product as far as it goes. sells 30 caps of PatentLean for US$26.99 at two caps a day, that's a 15-day supply. 


If somebody would like to experiment with 7-keto, it is recommended Isatori's Lean System 7 as an alternative product that contains 7-Keto and a combination of many helpful and recommended ephedra-free compounds and ingredients that make it a more suitable, and more effective product. 


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