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Are you really interested by your eye health?  Certainly.  That's the reason you are looking for this information. 


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Now, let’s back to ocuvite lutein vitamin and mineral supplement


Bausch & Lomb Ocuvite® PreserVision™ is the uniquely formulated, high-potency antioxidant ocuvite lutein vitamin and mineral supplement used in the National Eye Institute's age-related eye study (AREDS). 


Who must take Ocuvite lutein vitamin and mineral supplement? 


  •  People who are interested to prevent eye problems. 


  •  People who are at high risk for developing advanced Age Macular Degenerative Disease. 


  •  People with intermediate Age Macular Degenerative Disease in one or both eyes. 


  •  People with advanced Age Macular Degenerative Disease. 


Is Ocuvite lutein vitamin and mineral supplement worth taking it? 


To answer this question,let's consider the ingredients in the formula: 


One Ocuvite tablet contains: 


  •  Vitamin E 100IU (333%):this vitamin has the ability to improve the vision while lowering the risk of developing cataract.Vitamin E is found in the retinal tissue and is really good at preventing age macular degeneration and other eye diseases. 


  •  Vitamin A 7,160 IU (143%):is the first vitamin for eye heath.Vitamin A produces the photopigments responsible for night vision we have in the retina. It’s important to avoid being deficiency in vitamin A. Any deficient person will notice night blindness(Nyctalopia) and Xerophtalmia as main symptoms. 


  •  Vitamin C 113mg (188%):is one of the powerful antioxidant in the world.Vitamin C is also use as an eye protector.In fact,it reduces the possibility of developing cataracts.There is an enzyme responsible of accumulation of sorbitol in the eyes:aldose reductase.Vitamin C reduces the activity of this enzyme. 


  •  Zinc 17.4mg (116%): helps building epithelial tissue like skin, nails and retina. This makes zinc the special mineral for good vision. If you don't have enough zinc into your body, one of the symptoms you will have is night blindness. 


Ocuvite lutein vitamin and mineral supplement precautions and side effects: 


Despite of the properties of bausch lomb ocuvite lutein vitamin and mineral supplement, there are people who must be cautious when taking this formula. 


  •  Older people generally take other medications as well as other over-the-counter drugs, dietary supplements, and herbal medicines. These nutrients have the ability to decrease or increase absorption of these medications. 


  •  People with chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. 


Conclusion about ocuvite lutein vitamin and mineral supplement: 


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