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Reviews of Occuvite Vitamins for Vision


If you are really interested by your vision and eye care,you certainly have already heard of the vitamin called Occuvite.

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What is Occuvite?

It's a formula that is uniquely formulated and contains high-potency antioxidant vitamin and mineral supplement used in the National Eye Institute's age-related eye study (AREDS).

It's a specific formula to protect your eyes and help yourself keeping a good vision for a long time.

You may ask why this formula delivers?

It's a good question.The answer can be found only in analyzing the ingredients.What does Occuvite supplement contain?

One tablet contains:

Vitamin A 7,160 IU (143%):is the key to ocular health.In the retina,it produces the photopigments responsible for night vision.If you are deficient in vitamin A,you will suffer of night blindness(Nyctalopia) and Xerophtalmia.
Vitamin C 113mg (188%):is well-known as an eye protector.It helps to prevent or lowering the risk of developing cataracts. Vitamin C reduces the activity of aldose reductase,an enzyme responsible for accumulation of sorbitol in eyes


Vitamin E 100IU (333%):enhances the vision and lower the risk of developing cataract.Because it is well-distributed within the retinal tissue,vitamin E plays an important role in delaying the onset of age macular degeneration and other eye diseases.

Zinc 17.4mg (116%):Everyone knows that zinc is the specific mineral for eye health.Night blindness is one of the signs and symptoms of zinc deficiency.

It's an evidence that Occuvite formula is not so bad.But I don't personally take and recommend it.There's a better formula for health vision.It is made by Xtend-life. And it works!
The Xtend-life eye Protocol has been designed for people with good vision who just want prevent degenerative eye trouble and those with begining of eye troubles who are concerned in stopping the progression of the disease.

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