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Oatmeal and Cholesterol



Oatmeal and Cholesterol  InformationOatmeal and cholesterol are known to remove cholesterol from your body when combined with low cholesterol, low saturated fat diet.

There has been a study on oatmeal and cholesterol Hundreds of participants were given one bowl of oatmeal every day for a period of 30 days. The results of the study were amazing - after a month 70% of the people lowered their cholesterol levels with an average decrease of 16.8 points.

The soluble fiber which is found in oats or barley is what makes Quaker a potent lowering oatmeal and cholesterol agent because this fiber's properties include reducing high blood cholesterol levels and balancing blood glucose peaks.oatmeal and cholesterol image

When talking about oatmeal and cholesterol lowering Quaker you should imagine it as rolled oats of small sponges which by soaking up cholesterol remove it of the bloodstream. This Quaker's effect is considered to be a result of the content of beta-glucan in cereals.

Beta-glucan can be derived from whole oats and is undoubtedly the main ingredient which makes Quaker lower oatmeal and cholesterol. Apart from that, beta-glucan is known as immune system booster.

Its property is to strengthen the immune system's defense against all types of infectious diseases. It is also an effective antioxidant and it is believed to work as free radical cleaner.

Beta-glucan is clinically proven to be a safe, non-toxic and orally effective ingredient for anyone who would like to enhance their immune system and decrease oatmeal and cholesterol at the same time.

Moreover, this healthy supplement is the only glucan which helps preventing coronary heart disease as it lowers LDL (known as "bad" cholesterol) and increases the levels of HDL.

FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) also allowed health claims of the labels of oat foods declaring that oats when part of low saturated diet may have a positive effect on preventing heart disease.

FDA claimed that the beta-glucan fiber in whole oats is the main compound which lowers the total and LDL cholesterol in diets based on oat foods when at appropriate levels.

A review of scientific evidence showing the relationship between the soluble fiber and a reduction in the risk of heart disease is probably the main reason for the FDA's claim.

It is also known that other sources of beta-glucan are also likely to have an effect on blood lipid levels. However, there hasn't been any research which could back up this theory, so more evidence is needed.

From my point of view, there is no doubt that beta-glucan or Quaker oats have cholesterol lowering effect. What should be considered though is the amount taken.

Don't forget that you might have a bowl of oats every day but the whole oat must furnish 0.75 grams or more of soluble fiber per serving so that you can see positive results.