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Nxcare NV



NxCare NV’s advertisement claims to be the first rapid weight-loss formula with beauty-enhancing properties.  


According to NxCare NV the new product is not only going to help you loose weight but will also improve the looks of your skin, hair and nails. 


The NxCare NV fat burner agents gives you the figure and the beauty you long for. 


This is the first product which promises so much. That's why NxCare NV declares to be the greatest fat burner. 



Even though a product's advertisement might be amazing, I don't easily trust such marvellous statements before I actually try the product myself. I should admit I love the nxcare NV's red box, though. nxcare nv image


As far as the nxcare NV formula is concerned, I should say that it includes some good ingredients but there is not much scientific data which could back up their weight-loss effectiveness. All I could find was some reviews proving the product's enhancing properties. 


The weight-loss supplements NxCare NV produces could be divided into three main parts which are as below. Let’s review the ingredients: 


1. The weight loss complex - It includes green tea, theobromide and hoodia gordonii extract which is a total of 267 mg of active ingredients. When it comes to fat burners I have no doubt that the green tea extract is effective as it has been used in almost all weight loss pills and its properties have been proven. 


As far as hoodia gordonii extract is concerned I should admit I have some doubts about its fat burning efficiency. You can find much information and many reviews discussing hoodia gordonii on the Internet but there is little scientific data that it has any positive effects on the body. Apart from that, hoodia gordonii is an endangered plant so I am not convinced that the producers of nxcare NV actually put real hoodia in their weigh loss agents. 


The third agent which plays a vital role in the weight loss complex is theobromide. It is also known as cocoa bean extract. It is a derivative of caffeine and thus has mild stimulating effects. Despite that, it has not been proved to work efficiently as a fat burner. 


2. The energy complex - nxcare NV is supposed to increase energy, stamina and athletic performance. It is able to fulfil these claims thanks to the energy complex which includes adaptogens ginseng and rhodeola rosea. It is also said that a daily dose of 170 mg might combat fatigue. 


Another ingredient included in the energy complex is taurine which an amino acid is. Taurine combines with caffeine is supposed to improve mental performance. 


3. The beauty complex - Of course the beauty complex is the most disputed part of the formula. Its main ingredients are alpha lipoic acid (an antioxidant), silica (a mineral improving the look of hair, skin and nails), collagen (derived from the bones of pigs and cows), B-vitamin (gives your hair a shiny look), and coenzyme Q10 (a powerful antioxidant). Even though there are many discussions about the beauty complex, it is undoubtedly the most effective part of the NxCare NV’s formula. 


From my point of view, no matter how effective nxcare NV supplements might be, you will never get any positive results unless you keep a proper diet and have an exercise program. Make yourself a healthy nutrition scheme. In case you give it a try and change your lifestyle, then I am absolutely sure you would be able to lose weight.