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Comparative guide to nutritional supplements  After all, a sensible guide facilitating users navigating the nutritional products maze on the souk currently! 


Packed along with the latest results on aging, degenerative disease and oxidative stress, the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements represents a masterful manufacture of research as well as analysis, and also invaluable supply for every people being interested in the optimal nutrition science.  

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In fact, we have to let you know that we will not be talking widely about the comparative guide to nutritional supplements. 


"I don't have to take nutritional supplements, Herbal supplements, and Dietary supplements. I can get all nutritional health supplements I need from my diet". 


Is this sounded familiar to you? 


It was our favorite statement about nutritional supplements, herbal supplements and dietary supplements until we realize...that the fundamental question is: Do you eat healthy? 


You may probably eat what you want but it is difficult to eat what you need. Why? 


  •  Because first reason is what most people eat is influenced more by habits and convenience than by considerations of nutritional needs. 


And what people eat determines how they feel, how effectively they function, how well their body can resist to infection, how well they can see, how clearly they think, how they protect themselves against chronic degenerative diseases and ultimately how long they live. 


  •  Second reason is time. How many people have time to eat everyday at least seven servings of fruits and vegetables? 


  •  Third reason is money. Eat healthy cost money. Nutritional supplements, Herbal supplements, and Dietary supplements can feel nutrient gaps, optimize functions, protect health and help prevent diseases all for about a dime to fifty cents a day. 


Buying Nutritional supplements, Herbal supplements, and Dietary supplements is the best investment for a dime to fifty cents a day. It is also a lifestyle habit that is easy to incorporate and has a very high potential payoff. 


  •  Fourth reason is quality. We live in the richest economy of the human history. No other generations on the face of the earth has produced the abundance of food that we have. But you must be worrying when you look at the quality of our food from a health perspective: 


Minerals are essentials for our health and plants do not create them. They must absorb them from the soils. If they can't, plants will never have the minerals required. 


Nowadays, soils are poor in major minerals like calcium, magnesium, chloride because organic fertilizers that contains those minerals are expensive and difficult to obtain. 


Farmers prefer use low price fertilizers that contain only nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) to manage their cost. The result: we eat good-looking grain without necessary minerals. 


Other great problems are cold storage, preservation methods, processing and overcooking which allow for depletion of vital nutrients. Did you know? 


-Freezing can destroy more than 50% of B vitamins in food. 


-Cold storage removes up to 50% of vitamin C in tangerines. 


-Vegetables and fruits lose more than 40% of their value if they sit for more than three hours. 


-Vitamin C is vulnerable to both heat and cold. Prolonged storage depletes it. 


-More than 80% of the flour's magnesium goes with the outer portion of the germ in the processing of making white flour. 


Let's resume: our soils don't receive the fertilizers required to nourish our plants. Modern processing and food storage increase the depletion. After we buy these foods, we continue to create further depletion because of storage and preparation. 


Don't you believe we should be supplementing our diet with high quality Nutritional supplements, Herbal supplements, and Dietary supplements? 


After doing intensive research, we found three nutritional supplements that worth investing your money to get what you need. They are very well-balanced dietary supplements. Let me recommend them to you. These are: 


  •  Total Balance 


  •  Revitle 


  •  Ultra Antioxidantâ„¢ (60 capsules) 


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