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Momordica Charantia



Bitter Mellon or momordica charantia has been a fruit food sourc e in South America and the Orient.  


Scientists discover that Bitter Mellon or momordica charantia extract has many medicinal purposes. 


Bitter Mellon or momordica charantia extract, tea and powder have beneficial effects on diabetes and conditions related to diabetes, as well as HIV and certain cancers. 


Bitter Mellon or momordica charantia extract, tea and powder Dosage: 

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Its Dosage Range 200-400mg (standardized extract), 2-3 times a day. 


  •  Its Most Common Dosage 200mg (standardized extract), 2 times a day. 


We counsel to buy from companies that follow GMP (Growth Manufacturing Practice) and present other benefits like low prices or low shipping cost. This is: 


  •  Charantea Bitter Melon Ampalaya, 30 vegicap, 500 mg. 


 Bitter Mellon or momordica charantia extract, tea and powder Benefits or Functions: 


  •  This helps to treat diabetes. Studies show that the fruit plays a role in controlling the production of insulin by the body and promotes blood sugar control. 


  •  Patients with high cholesterol who take Bitter Mellon have seen their Cholesterol levels reduced. 


  •  This fruit is very effective in diabetics. Studies suggest that it may play a role in helping to reduce certain cardiovascular risk factors. 


  •  The mature fruits of bitter-melon can be used externally for the rapid healing of wounds and internally for the treatment of peptic ulcers. 


  •  It fights HIV, the virus that leads to AIDS. 


  •  Finally some studies suggested that bitter-melon may play a role in inhibiting the growth of cancerous tumors. 


  •  Its Side effects: 


  •  Do not take this supplement if you have liver disease including alcoholic cirrhosis. If you really want to take it, inform your physician. 


  •  Pregnancy/Breast-Feeding: 


  •  Because it can induce abortion, this supplement should not be used in pregnant women. 


  •  It also should not be used if you are breast-feeding an infant without first consulting a physician 


Health Conditions Related: 


  •  Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1 
  •  Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 


Drug/Herb Interactions with Momordica Charantia or Bitter Mellon: 


  •  Insulin 
  •  Hypoglycemic medications