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 Menapause symptoms,signs and treatment:Definition:The natural & physiological cessation of menses resulting of a decrease in the ovarian function.

Yes,menapause is a natural process that will affect every women at a certain age.

This process is linked to many emotional and physical challenges.

In fact,many women have a fear of this disease perceiving it as the time when their role as women will become devalued and causing a change in their role as wife,mother and lover.

But fortunately,other women see this pathology from a different perspective.They realize it's a great gift in a woman's life, a liberation, an initiation,presenting an opportunity to re-evaluate the purpose of the life and change in many ways.menapause image

Climateric :

Many people have confusion on these concepts.They are not the same.Menapause is the cessation of menstruation and the termination of fertility and climateric is a transition phase that lasts about one or two decades(15-20 years).The climateric period see a decrease in ovarian function and hormone production . This disease is only a part of this process.

Physiology of Menapause:

With age,there are changes in ovarian and menstrual function.By example,the length of monthly cycle gradually shortens and the ovaries begin to lose their ability to produce mature eggs and estrogen and progesterone.This happens at about age 40 and women will experience a drop in fertility.

As the process continues,the decline in ovarian hormone production causes changes in body physiology.Women will then presenting a variety of discomforting signs and symptoms.

The process will last during 7-10 years and will stop then.Over the world,women generally experience menapause between the ages of 40 and 55 with an average age of 51.

Menapause Symptoms:

Hot Flashes: are the most common symptoms and affected 85% of women over age 50.It is caused by the decline in estrogen.

Insomnia, Fatigue and Depression:generally these signs results from fears about what to expect from menapause,marital discord and changing family relationships.

Genitourinary symptoms:may affect many women during menapause.Because hormone levels are falling, the vaginal tissues become atrophy and uterus amy prolapse into the vagina.

Hypertension and Atherosclerosis:oestrogen seems to play a role in protecting the heart.This explains the difference between men and women on the prevalence of heart disease.After menapause,women experience a decline in oestrogen and an increase in risk of heart disease.

Osteoporosis:is a process of losing the calcium content of the bones.


Treat symptoms of this women disease is a big challenge nowadays.You must:

For osteoporosis,check to know if you are at risk.Ask your doctor to check your bone density.If you have problems,make changes to your lifestyle,get plenty of calcium and vitamin D.

About heart disease:when menapause appears,you are less protected against heart disease than before.Know your blood pressure and levels of cholesterol,LDL,HDL,triglycerides and glucose.

About hormonotherapy:Because a decline in hormone levels is the main cause of menapause,many women choose to tahe hormone replacement.It's a good thing if you take phytoestrogen.Many Hrt increase the risk of endometrial cancer.Phytoestrogen come from plants,have a similar chemical structure to oestrogen and act like hormone regulator.

After doing intensive research on phytoestrogen,we found two formulas for relieving these symptoms:


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