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Memopause symptoms, signs and treatment:  What should you know about memopause? 


Many people on this earth believe that life begins after forty. 


That's the second and exciting period of the life. Generally, that's time for success. 


But for many women in memopause, this is a difficult period. They are experiencing the beginning of the end of their reproductive life. 

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But whatever your point of view on it, it's a time of transition: the ovaries are losing their reproductive function and the woman's body tries to adapt itself to the changes in the hormone levels. 


Physiopathology of memopause: 


Memopause generally starts around age fifty while the ovaries cease to function. This causes dramatic changes in the level of four hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle: estrogen, progesterone, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and luteinizing hormone (LH). 


The body needs each hormone in the right balance. It can't function properly without them. Their lack will cause multiple troubles like hot flashes, emotional turmoil, insomnia, osteoporosis and an increase in the risk of heart disease. 


To win the battle against these health changes, some women use conventional therapeutic (despite of their side effects) but others prefer nutritional and herbal solutions currently available to help ease the menopausal transition. 


Signs and symptoms of memopause: 


Memopausal complaints: 


·            Hot flashes (localized generally in the face, neck, chest, and back) 

·            Insomnia 

·            Depression 

·            Joint pain 

·            Muscle pain 

·            Emotional swings 

·            Tiredness 

·            Forgetfulness 

·            Anxiety 

·            Irritability, 

·            Edema 

·            Heart palpitations 

·            Headaches 

·            Vaginal dryness 

·            Increased sweating 

·            An increase in risks of heart diseases (Atherosclerosis) 

·            High blood pressure 

·            Dizziness 

·            Sexual intercourse painful 

·            Loss of sex drive 

·            Osteoporosis 


Memopause Treatment: 


There are 2 options: conventional therapy and natural memopause solutions. 


Conventional Therapy: 


It consists of taking a synthetic form of estrogen along with a progestin. This is called Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).It has many benefits on menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis, breast and endometrial cancer, abnormal blood clots, and Alzheimer's disease. 


But HRT also has many side effects: irregular vaginal bleeding, an increased chance of breast cancer and/or endometrial cancer. 


That's the reason many women has chosen herbal memopause solutions like phytoestrogens. 


The fundamental difference between phytoestrogen and other HRT is related to side effects. Because phytoestrogens come from plants, they have not the side effects of HRT.They have a similar chemical structure to oestrogen and act like hormone regulator. 


There are tons of "phytoestrogen" on the market. It's very important to take the good ones. After doing intensive research, we found two formulas that will help you to relieve your menapause symptoms. They are: 


·            Menozac a natural formula that contains Soy, Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa) and Damaiana (Turnerna diffusa) which have the ability to help relieve memopause symptoms. We highly recommend it. 


·            MellowPause for Menopause 


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