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The truth about mannatech  You certainly have heard or read about it. 


Multiple sites on the net nowadays have been created to promote the company and its products. 


Many people are visiting others to talk to them about this manufacturer. 


There are a lot of controversy about the efficiency of the formulas made by this supplement maker. 


Why are so many people concerned by Mannatech? mannatech image


The truth is that it’s a multilevel marketing health products firm founded in 1994. Generally many people want to have an opinion about multilevel marketing health products. 


Did you remember the first days of companies like Amway and Usana? 


We don’t want here to compare these companies to Mannatech. They are pretty different. 


The main and lead product of this company is Manapol, an aloe vera juice. Don’t be surprised to hear promoters of this company claiming their one is the right one and others were only counterfeit products. 


We don’t want to be fooled. We all know the properties of aloe vera plant. But the problem with the juice is a lost of properties during processing that inactivates the ingredients. 


But Mannatech claims to be the only company that is technically able to stabilize and standardize (emphasis added) the labile polysaccharide in aloe. 


There are many controversies in Mannatech’s staff. You will find directors claiming their nutritional products are safe, promote good health while others warning about the fact that they don’t know if the products are safe, or even if they work. 


Anyway today, they have an army of more than 400,000 independent agents in the United States and in Australia to sell their products. They offer insurance and also provide full medical, dental and vision coverage. 


Many marketers will try to convince you that these products can help you support cancer. Let me be clear. There is no human study to verify this claim. In fact there is no good reason to believe that aloe vera products can be an effective anticancer agent. 


They are actually established in USA, Canada, the U.K., Japan, Australia, New Zealand, S. Korea, and Taiwan. Be aware of Mannatech distributors. So the truth is that some people are doing this for 3 or more years and think they will be a millionaire. Don’t try to discuss with them. 


They won’t change their point of view. It’s a waste of time. If you ask them how is it possible that their cancer cure is ignored by physicians, they will answer that it's so new the doctors don't know about it yet!!!! 


The Mannatech members do not realize that they pay a lot and make a little. Only the executives of the company are the ones making all the money. People at the bottom will win very little. But it can take years before someone realizes this simple truth.