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Mannatech Scam



Mannatech scam  Has Manatech been accused of fraud? These are important questions many people are asking about this multilevel marketing company. 


This company distributors generally try to sell their product rather than offering fabulous wealth to people they meet. This is how we talk about mannatech scam. 


But like many other MLM, its distributors generally are not honest about the products they sell and who they are selling it for. mannatech scam image


One of the main mannatech scam complaint is about glycochemicals. The company considers these products as immune booster, prevention and treatment of many chronic degenerative diseases like cancer, arthritis etc… 


But there are no proven human studies available to confirm these facts. Scientists do not agree to consider glyconutrients as magic sugars and prefer believe that the body can make its own glyconutrients. 


I want to be clear. We are not affiliate with the company and we are not promoting any other MLM company. It's sure that glyconutrients play an important role in health. In 1999, Dr Gunter Blobel received the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his work in this new field of Science-Medicine called Glycobiology. 


But where are the published studies about Ambrostose and other Products of the company? In this world, it's so easy to say something without proof. 


If the company is serious about promoting his formulas, the company must also be serious about the health of people who take his products while avoiding mannatech scam. 


It's a good thing to make money honesty. It's a bad thing to make money from claims that can't be verified. When this happens, there is not a long way from mannatech scam or fraud. 


When the company promoters claim that these products can cure chronic degenerative diseases like cancer, arthritis and boost the immune system. They may be right. But show us the studies. If not we can be talking about mannatech scam. 


We all know difficulties linked to human studies and researches, but show us at least one or two. 


We have researched Medline to find latest published research about the company. We found none. 


Like many companies in this world, this company has its promoters and its enemies. But this doesn't free the company from required roof. 


If you are a fan of this company and can provide us some kind of proof, please contact us to let us know about it. Maybe we will become a new customer of the company formulas. 


But if you are only looking to improve your health and your immune system, let me refer you to these mannatech scam that have proven efficiency to many people. Click here to learn more.