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Manatech is a one of the Multi Level Marketing Company nowadays.   This company uses the power of supplements to gain new market each days. 


It claims manufacturing supplements that provide the fundamental nutrients to optimal health of every cell in human body like antioxidants, glyconutrients, minerals, vitamins and phytohormones. 

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But the essential principle behind mannatech's products is the use of glyconutrients. 


What are glyconutrients? Why do manatech choose to manufacture, promote and sell these products? 


Glyconutrients are sugars that have nutrititive properties. They are marketed as a solution to diseases like cancer, fibromyalgia, arthritis and many other chronic degenerative diseases. 


These complex sugars contain different monosaccharides. They are: xylose, glucose, fucose, arabinose, fructose, galactose and mannose. 


 Manatech believes glyconutrients translate information from one cell to another throughout the body. These information are used in the body’s natural defense system to promote and maintain properly health. 


With his products, it provides a dietary supplement source of raw materials for coding these information. 


Now is the fundamental question: what is really true about its claims? 


Do glyconutrients really have anti-aging properties and can strengthen the immune system? 


Suppose the answer to the above questions is YES. Where are the proofs? 


Where can we find the published studies relating to manatech's products? 


What are the effects of these substances on humans? 


The problem with Manatech Company: they can't provide even ONE single human study. 


If you are not convinced, go to Medline or Pubmed and make your own research. There is no study available. 


Our recommendation: 


We can't at this time recommend to our visitors and patients the use of its products. There is no scientific evidence that manatech's supplements may really help with immune system and treat multiple diseases like autism, diabetes, fibromyalgia, lupus, cancer arthritis and aging. 


Instead, if you are interested in enjoying vibrant health, we recommend you to try 


Total Balance from Xtend-life. 


This supplement can really make a difference in your life as it does for us.