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Low Blood Sugar Symptom



People are not often worrying about low blood sugar symptom and consequences.  


Low blood sugar symptom and sign are not really a concern for many people requiring information on diabetes. This will lead them to kidney disease, heart attack, peripheral vascular disease and stroke. 


They believe that high blood sugar is what is important for diabetic people 

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Hypoglycemia (Low blood sugar) is more urgent than hyperglycemia and request rapid diagnosis and treatment. 


not curing for hypoglycemia as soon as having low blood sugar levels may involve severe consequences, amid them serious hypoglycemia and, finally, the hypoglycemia unawareness growth. 


If hypoglycemia is not detected rapidly, the patient may die. To help with this important problem, we present, in the following sentences, the low blood sugar symptom: 


When the onset is brutal: 


  •  Sweating 


  •  Tachycardia 


  • Tremor 


  • Hunger 


  •  Anxiety 


When the onset is gradual 


  •  Dizziness 


  •  Clouding of vision 


  •  Headache 


  •  Abnormal behavior 


  •  Blunted mental acuity 


  •  Confusion 


  •  Convulsions 


  •  Loss of consciousness 

Low blood sugar causes 

There are many causes of low blood sugar symptom and this is not the main purpose of this section of the website. Diabetes is our concern in this section. So, we only let you know what is in relation with this pathology: 


  •  Glucagon deficiency: the key role of this hormone is to assure the metabolism of glycogen into glucose. It helps to maintain a normal level of blood sugar. When its deficiency begins, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar level) appears. 


  •  Hyperinsulinism: The key function of insulin is to assure the conversion of glucose into glycogen. It helps to lower the level of glucose in the blood. Hyperinsulinism will lower the level of glucose below normal. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar level) will result. 


What to do if someone presents hypoglycemia (low blood sugar level)? 


Call your physician or the hospital. The initial treatment of hypoglycemia and low blood sugar symptom is the intravenous administration of a bolus of 25 to 50g of glucose as a 50% solution followed by constant effusion of glucose until the patient is able to eat a meal.