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The marketers of Lithonal claims it’s a formula designed to dissolve your kidney stones and eliminate pain caused by this disease.  


Kidney stones may also be caused by: 


  •  Lack of fluids 
  •  Personal history 
  •  Family history 
  •  Many diseases such as hyperparathyroidism, chronic urinary tract infections, gout, and cystic kidney disease can lead to kidney stones 
  •  Diets that are low in fiber and high in protein. 

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The maker of Lithonal claims that using it, people who suffer from kidney stone will: 


  •  Have no more feeling so much pain 
  •  Stop sharp, stabbing pains in your side 
  •  Eliminate swelling, throbbing or tenderness in your side. 
  •  Have no more painful urination 
  •  do not have to drink endless gallons of water to try passing your stone. 
  •  Dissolve existing stones, rapidly 
  •  Stop endless hurting 
  •  Avoid the side effects of prescribed drugs and surgeries 


The solution promised by Selmedica Healthcare is Lithonal. 


Does this formula work? 


It’s very hard to have an opinion when you do not know which ingredients Lithonal contains. Below you will find the explanation of the maker. 


How this formula does works? (This is the maker’s version) 


Lithonal is based on the fact that if you treat your body’s chemical imbalance, it’s possible to eliminate or reduce your kidney stones, if you balance certain chemicals and their pH level; you may stop pain, stones and swelling. 


Selmedica Healthcare claims that the ingredients in its formula has been proven to be highly effective by international scientists, organizations, and medical journals. But where are the proofs? In which medical journals will we find the published human studies? 


One of their claim:" Of all the people who have tried Lithonal™, we cannot tell you how many have called and written in with their stories of happiness and success. In fact, Lithonal™ has a 93.7% success rate. That's a cold hard fact" 


My question: why are all physicians prescribed this product to their patients? Which medical association has reviewed their studies? 


They offer a strong 365 day money back guarantee. You have to take it for a "full cycle" >how much time is a full cycle? No one knows. They can always tell you that you do not use it the request time. And if they can’t reveal the ingredients in their product, how anyone can be sure they will honor their guarantee. 


Our personal opinion: 


We recommend to any sufferer from kidney stones to follow their physician recommendation. Lithonal™ is not a cheap product and there is anything sure about it.