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Lipodrene SR made by Hi-Tech Pharmaceutica ls is a dietary supplement which is supposed to be a culmination of years of research and development.  


There is no doubt we've all heard the great advertisements made on various sites and reviews on TV. 


If you take Lipodrene SR Ephedra diet pill you should get the following benefits: 



More energy without over stimulation 

Reduced carbohydrate cravings 

Increased basal metabolism (which means many calories burned) 

Suppressed appetite (that will help you keep your diet) 

Safer Ephedra-free formula. lipodrene image


However, as far as users reviews are concerned, there is no significant data proving the effectiveness of this weight loss agent. According to some users Lipodrene SR is a miracle product while others complain about having gained weight while taking this Lipodrene and being on a diet combined with exercise program. 


In order to know how effective a medicine is you should have a look at its ingredients. Lipodrene SR Ephedra contains the following: 


Sida Cordifolia Extract 

Citrus aurantium 

U.S.P Caffeine 



Green Tea Extract 

Cassia Nomame 

Hoodia Extract 

Yohimbe Extract 



These are the ingredients which are the main compounds of the Lipodrene SR Ephedra. Lipodrene also contains: 



Microcrystalline Cellulose 

Hydroxy Propyl Methylcellulose 

Sodium Starch Glucolate 

Triacetin, Stearic Acid 

Magnesium stearate 

Titanium Dioxide 


Aluminium Lake  

FD&C Yellow #5 Aluminium Lake 

FD&C Yellow #6 Aluminium Lake. 


Green Tea Extract leaves - Green Tea is a well-known natural source which is used in many different weight loss agent as its fat burning properties have been proven. It is scientific and clinical data that green tea increases metabolic rate and overall well being. 


Hoodia gordonii - This compound is also used in some fat burners but its properties have been disputed. Hoodia gordonii might be said to be work as a weight loss agent but there is no data this is efficient. Actually this ingredient is a rare cactus which has been protected by the law for years. Thus, I wonder how so many producers get the natural source. 


Phenylethylamine - This lovely little ingredient can be found in chocolate and gives us the pleasant feeling of well being. However, in Lipodrene SR Ephedra it has questionable benefits. Phenylethylamine is similar to amphetamine. Despite that, there has not been any significant proof that Lipodrene has weight loss properties. 


Coryphantha macromeris - This ingredient is a cactus known to be a stimulant. It has a hallucinogenic properties (albeit mind), which makes me wonder if it is a suitable ingredient for weight loss pills. Apart from that, there is no data that this particular ingredient has any fat burning properties. 


Citrus aurantium - Its weight loss properties have also been disputed. It is often used instead of ephedra in many diet pills. However, it doesn't seem much effective. The National Institute of Health declares that after a thorough research that has been conducted there is no statistically significant benefit for weight loss. 


Bottom line: 


The formula contains some good ingredients as well as a few that have no effects on weight loss. It’s not a bad formula. In addition, it’s cheap. The price is between 18 and 30 USD. 


Anyway, Lipodrene SR might be or might not be working but one thing is for sure - if you don't start a diet and stick to it and if you don't combine your new way of life with an exercise program, then no fat burner would help you lose weight.