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Lean System 7



Lean System 7 or LS7 is a weight loss pill which contains mainl y herbal ingredients.  

Lean system 7 from iSotori Global Technology amid the whole recent fat burner being boasting its "tremendous" fat burning as well as weight loss effects devoid of ephedra - and then why shouldn't it? 


In fact, lean system 7, like the name counsels the mixture 7 core ingredients to facilitate burning fat and I could augment certain of the ingredients within this medicine being very  potent, and in addition all this devoid of the ephedra appliance. 


Actually there are 7 herbal ingredients in lean system 7.lean system 7 image 


Because of the changing supplement laws its ingredients are no longer the same as they used to be when this diet pill was first made. 


This weight loss product is different in the different countries. 



For instance, in Canada Lean System contains no 7-keto but green tea instead. 


The Canadian version is supposed to be highly effective as green tea is undoubtedly one of the natural sources which are fat burners. Nowadays the new U.S formula also contains green tea making Lean System 7 a better product. In the beginning the U.S version was mainly based on guarana and yerba mate. 


These two ingredients are good weight loss supplements as they contain large quantity of caffeine. As we are all very much aware of, all quality fat burners contain caffeine. Combining guarana and damiana gives positive effects because it makes the person taking the pill feel fuller. 


As many other weight loss agents Lean System 7 contains citrus aurantium which is actually bitter orange. Its two main compounds are synephrine and phenylephrine. They are sympathetic alpha agonists having good weight loss properties. Despite that, there ahs been no significant scientifical data that could support their fat burning effect. 


Lean System 7 contains some additional ingredients as dandelion root/leaf and bioperine. Dandelion is known to work as a diuretic while bioperine enhances absorption and increases bioavailability of the other compounds. Lean System 7 also contains the following ingredients: 


7-keto - This is a substance which improves metabolism and even though it promises good results, it has no side effects. 7-Keto is supposed to have positive influence on thyroid hormone levels but has no effect on estrogen or testosterone. 


7-Keto is a new ingredient which hasn't been fully examined by specialists. Clinical tests need to be run so that 7-Keto is proved to be effective as a fat burner agent. For further details of this ingredient you can look at the reviews of it. You can even find what Will Brinks said about it (In the Fat Loss Revealed ebook) - that 7-Keto is really a potent weight loss ingredient. 


Finally, let's conclude if Lean System 7 is a potent weight loss agent or not. 


From my personal experience, I should admit that I was quite surprised with the good results many people got. They tried the U.S and the Canadian versions. LS7 worked better than many other ephedra-free products at suppressing appetite. 


When people take their dose I was feeling fuller for longer than with any other fat burner. According to prescription you should take three capsules of Lean System 7 two times a day. However, this may had a bad effect. If you experience this, you may need to change and took two capsules three times a day which I believe is the perfect dose for anyone. 


Despite the positive effects noticed from this weight loss agent, we couldn't say it is a magical pill. Unless your change your lifestyle this fat burner won't help you loose weight. 


First of all, you should take less calories, no more than you need. Secondly, start a diet and stick to it. Then you should make an exercise program. That's how you can get positive results. 


What make this weight loss pill different? 


1 - Isatori guarantees this weight loss product. Consequently, if you don't like it, you can get your money back and you have 60 days to do so. 


2 - Lean System 7 or LS7 is clinically tested and it is one of the few fat burners which have such double-blind, placebo controlled studies. 


To sum up, Lean System 7 is a product we like and we recommend you give this fat burning agent a try. However, in case you are not satisfied with the results, make sure you keep the receipt and you can get your money back returning the product.