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Ldl Cholestrol



W hat are HDL and LDL cholestrol?   What is hdl cholestrol itself?  Cholestrol is a yellowish substance made by the body and absorbed from foods. 


This lipid cannot be transported in bloodstream because it is insoluble in water. 


This explains why cholesteroll needs to be combined with lipoprotein as a transport system. This lead to the creation of High density lipoprotein ( HDL cholestrol  ) and Low density lipoprotein(LDL  ). 


HDL   and LDL   have different functions. LDL    (the bad one) transports lipids to tissues, organs and arteries for deposit. ldl cholestrol pictures


High density lipoprotein HDL cholesteroll , the good lipids transport cholestrol from tissues, organs and blood vessels to the liver. 


If you have high levels of LDL lipids, you are in trouble because you will have high risks of coronary heart disease. You must take decision to have low levels of LDL cholestrol. 


If you have low levels of HDL cholestrol, you are in hot water. Your goal is to high levels of HDL cholestrol.  


What numbers are good, bad and acceptable for HDL, LDL and total cholestrol ? 


  •  Normal chlesterol total: less than 200 mg/dl 
  •  Normal LDL  : less than 130 mg/dl 
  •  Normal HDL cholestrol    :> 40 mg/dl for men and 45 mg/dl for women. 


Other values: 



  •  High risk cholestrol total :> 230 mg/dl 
  •  High risk LDL cholestrol :> 139 mg/dl 


But I want you to know these fundamental facts. People who are at least risk of coronary heart disease have their total   levels in 150 to 160 mg/dl and a LDL   levels below 80 mg/dl. 


As the numbers go up, research shows that cardiac risk increases. If you really want to be healthy, make the decision to have your total cholestrol levels under 180 mg/dl and your LDL cholestrol levels below 100 mg/dl. 


To help you achieve this goal, let me recommend to you this formula which has been proven to lower cholestrol: